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Zias is a YouTube star and has been on the web for about three years. He has a large subscriber base and has collaborated with other YouTube stars. In addition to being a YouTube star, he is also an accomplished football player. As of 2018, his net worth is approximately $600,000 USD.

According to his bio, Zias is a six-foot-tall man from Dallas, Texas. He grew up in Grand Prairie, Texas and attended James Bowie High School. He also attended the University of Texas. While studying there, he pursued his dream of becoming a professional footballer. While he was studying, he also played football for his school team.

While Zias hasn’t won any awards for his content, his channel has millions of subscribers. His popularity has also earned him a spot on YouTube’s monetization dashboard. His videos have earned him an average of $800 a day in advertising revenue. He is single, and has no children.

In addition to monetizing his YouTube channel, Zias also earns from his personal products. His videos earn anywhere from $3 to $7 per thousand views. He also accepts sponsorships and accepts affiliate commissions from various brands. Currently, he focuses on his career and is committed to growing it.

Kristina Zias’ net worth is estimated to be around $750K by 2021. The star has worked in television, modeling, and blogging. She is also the co-founder of the Confident Collective social media community. She is also an active Instagram user. Currently, she is based in West Hollywood, California.

Although it is difficult to determine the exact amount of Zias’ net worth, it is estimated that he earns between USD 75K to USD 90K every day. The number of subscribers on his YouTube channel is growing steadily, and his net worth is expected to rise even faster. Aside from earning from his YouTube channel, Zias is also a social media star with a strong presence on social media platforms.

Apart from creating funny videos, Zias has also created a successful relationship with B. Lou, a YouTube creator and rapper. The two are still together, and their relationship shows no signs of problems. In addition, they have thousands of active subscribers on their YouTube channels. These partnerships help him maintain a high net worth.

His net worth is estimated by many factors, including his biographical information, salary, and dating history. His net worth will also be determined by his lifestyle and monthly expenses. JustZik’s net worth is estimated by combining all these factors. For example, his height, weight, and relationship history are all taken into account.

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