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Zachary Ben Hample is a famous base-ball collector and writer with a net worth of $3 million. He was born in New York and is 1.70 m tall. Hample is also an active member of various social media platforms. He earns from his YouTube channel, which is a significant part of his net worth.

Zack Hample is a Christian and of white ethnicity. He is married to Skye Hample. He has a large collection of baseballs and has donated many of them to charity, including the 3,000th hit for Alex Rodriguez. Hample is also a member of Pitch In For Baseball, a non-profit organization that provides baseball and softball equipment to underprivileged children in countries across the globe. He has raised more than $150,000 for the nonprofit organization since 2009. He has also maintained his own YouTube channel since 2007, which he started on June 4, 2007.

Zack Hample is a 41-year-old Non-Fiction Author. He has written several books and has a substantial following in the sports and entertainment industry. Aside from his work as a sports writer, Hample has an extensive list of hobbies. Hample has won six video game world records and is an avid fan of classic arcade games.

Zack Hample is an avid baseball fan who has collected over 9,000 balls from major league stadiums. His collection includes Alex Rodriguez’s 3,000th hit and Mike Trout’s career-best home run. He earns more than $200 thousand a year from his writing. If you’re a fan of baseball books, you’ll want to check out Hample’s net worth!

Hample’s YouTube channel has over five hundred thousand subscribers. He shares his love of baseball snagging in various videos. He also shares his love of video games with his viewers. He holds several world records on the classic video games and has even published three books. He has also released several videos and books related to baseball snagging.

In addition to his work as a TV personality, Zach Whitmarsh is a successful entrepreneur with a $30 million net worth. He also owns a restaurant chain. This has contributed to his wealth, and he has also invested in other companies. In addition to his entertainment, Zack has also invested in several other ventures, including restaurants.

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