what is julius erving net worth

Julius Erving earned his net worth from his professional basketball career. He played for 15 seasons in the NBA and accumulated his net worth in the process. He joined the NBA as the 12th overall pick in the 1972 NBA Draft. Before joining the NBA, he played for the Virginia Squires and the ABA. Later, he joined the New York Nets and won three NBA MVP awards with them.

Julius Erving has an estimated net worth of $50 million. Erving is a Hall of Famer and is widely known as Dr. J. His net worth is mainly from his professional basketball career, although he is also a successful actor. He was born in East Meadow, New York, and studied at the University of Massachusetts.

After retiring from the NBA, Julius Erving began investing in various companies. He invested in a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Philadelphia. In 2016, he sold his lifetime rights to the brand name “Dr. J.” He was compensated with a one-time buyout and yearly set royalties. Erving also joined the front office of the Orlando Magic in 1997. He also fielded a NASCAR Busch Series team with Joe Washington and served on their Board of Directors.

Julius Erving’s net worth is estimated to be about $50 million. The majority of his net worth comes from his professional basketball career, which earned him over $30 million. However, he also has business interests and endorses various brands. The NBA has paid him to be a brand ambassador and has helped him earn his net worth.

Erving was born in February 1950 and raised in a Catholic family. He played basketball for the Roosevelt High School team in New York, earning him the nickname “The Doctor”. Erving was drafted in the 1971 NBA draft and then went on to play college basketball with the University of Massachusetts. He also played basketball for the Philadelphia 76ers during the 1970s.

During his ABA career, he had a contract dispute. However, he eventually left the ABA and signed with the Atlanta Hawks. After his retirement, he became a businessman. He owns Coke and works as a sports analyst. He also served on the boards of companies like Converse and The Sports Authority.

Erving was one of the first basketball players to be involved in endorsements and marketing products. In addition, he was the first player to have a shoe marketed in his name. Erving’s net worth soared after his career as a player and businessman.

Erving began a relationship with sportswriter Samantha Stevenson in 1979. The couple had a daughter, Alexandra, in 1980. Alexandra later became a WTA professional tennis player. Initially, the relationship was private between the two families, but it became public when Stevenson reached the semifinals of the 1999 Wimbledon. Erving gave his daughter financial support for many years. The relationship with Stevenson and his daughter was initially unspoken, but they reconnected in 2008 when Alexandra contacted her father.

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