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Trae the Truth is an American rapper with a net worth of around $5 million. His earnings are largely from his career in the music industry. He is currently a vice president of Grand Hustle Records. He has been a part of the Houston rap scene for many years. After finishing school, he began his career as a rapper.

Trae Tha Truth has never been married, but he has dated several women in public. While his personal life is kept private, he has been known to participate in charitable activities and has worked with the Houston area after Hurricane Harvey. He is also an active member of the philanthropic community and founded the Relief Gang, which helps those in need.

Trae Tha Truth began his career as a rap artist in 1998. His first rap song was on Z-Ro’s album, and he released his first solo album in 2003. The rapper has since released albums like Remembering the Good Old Days and Life Goes On. He has also faced controversy, particularly when he fought with rapper Mike Jones at the Ozone Awards in 2008. He apologized for the incident and was banned from a radio station for a while.

Despite his modest rap career, Trae Tha Truth is still relatively unknown outside of Texas. His first album, Losing Composure, debuted at 49 on the Billboard 200 chart and sold six thousand copies in its first week. He continues to make music as a member of the underground rap group Screwed Up Click.

While there are no concrete details about the artist’s net worth, it is estimated that Trae Tha Truth is earning about $1000 a day. Although his personal life is not glamorous, he is active in philanthropy. His net worth is predicted to rise as he continues to perform and release new albums.

Trae Tha Truth uses his fame for good, helping underprivileged children in Houston. He has also founded a non-profit organization called ABN, which opened an emergency children’s shelter in Houston in 2011 after hearing about a family’s loss in a fire. In July of that same year, Trae Tha Truth surprised the eight children with gifts.

In the summer of 2009, Trae Tha Truth organized Trae Day near the Texas Southern University. Later that month, a shooting occurred outside the campus. Trae Tha Truth explained to the morning crew on KBXX that he did not condone the violence. However, some radio personalities accused him of being involved in the shooting.

The rapper first started his career on Z-Ro’s album Lock What You Did to Me, and soon achieved mainstream success with his own solo album, Losing Composure. After the album’s success, he released other albums. His latest album, Tha Truth, was released in 2016 as a 10th anniversary edition.

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