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If you’ve ever wondered how much Terry Flenory is worth, you’re not alone. The infamous drug kingpin has a net worth of more than $100 million. Flenory is also known as Southwest T, Big Meech, and Demetrius Flenory. He started out as a teenage hustler, selling rocks and cocaine for $50 a bag. His fame rose as his drug dealing career grew and he eventually earned his fortunes in the rap game.

Flenory’s net worth is based on his numerous successes. He is the owner and CEO of Flenory Media Inc., a company that specializes in real estate and technology. He has been an active contributor to numerous blogs and is a co-founder of The Real Estate Club, an online membership service where members can invest in real estate for a minimal fee. This makes Flenory a multi-millionaire in just a few short years.

Flenory has no children. He is married to Tonesa Welch. His net worth is based on his collaboration with female business executives and entertainers. However, Flenory’s net worth isn’t entirely clear. The singer has no children but enjoys taking photographs with his family. He is an entrepreneur and was involved in illegal activities in the past. His brothers, Big Meech and Demetrius Flenory, ran a money laundering business called the Black Mafia Family. He also engaged in drug trafficking.

After spending 16 years in prison, Flenory forged a career in the entertainment industry. His brothers founded BMF Entertainment. He later went on to build his own business, Southwest Black Magic. After getting out of jail, he married Tonesa Welch, a business influencer and executive producer of Notorious Queens. Terry Flenory net worth is estimated between $40 and $50 million USD.

The Black Mafia Family was Flenory’s biggest profit maker. At one point, the group earned $270 million in profits. Although Flenory was sentenced to prison, he still managed to earn a good living from his illicit businesses. Hence, his net worth is expected to rise to the $200 million mark in 2022. The black mafia family has a long and storied history.

Terry Lee Flenory started his career as a gangster, and worked with his elder brother, Big Meech. They operated as a cartel together and dealt in illegal activities. In the eighties, the Flenory brothers sold $50 bags of cocaine in Detroit. They worked together for 15 years, until they were finally caught by the DEA. They later moved to Los Angeles. Afterwards, the Black Mafia Family made millions of dollars in cocaine sales, but Flenory and Big Meech split up after a fight.

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