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Upon graduating from the University of Minnesota, Tay Zonday enrolled in a Ph.D. program in American studies, where she hoped to become a professor of social change and theatrical history. However, in 2008, she decided to quit her graduate program and pursue a solo career. She later performed on television shows such as the Opie and Anthony Show, G4TV’s Attack of the Show, Lily Allen and Friends, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Since then, she has become a celebrity and has been earning from her work as a singer and actress.

Tay Zonday’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 dollars. Although her popularity is largely based on her work as a singer and songwriter, she has also appeared in a number of movies and television shows. Her appearances on talk shows have also contributed to her net worth.

Before achieving fame in the entertainment industry, Tay Zonday earned a substantial amount of money in other areas. She was active in voiceovers, commercials, and animation projects. She also appeared on television shows, such as Jimmy Kimmel Live and Good Morning America. However, she has never received any awards.

Tay Zonday is a successful musician and actor, who has avoided the temptation of dating. Her sexuality has never been an issue, and she does not exhibit homosexual behavior. She was born on July 6, 1982 and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her parents were of mixed ethnicity. She graduated from The Evergreen State College and later enrolled at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, but dropped out before she completed her studies. Tay Zonday is five feet eight inches tall and has a weight of 69 kilograms.

In 2011, Tay Zonday had a cameo in a Super Bowl commercial with Beyonce. She also appeared in the Comedy Centra show in 2010. Tay was a finalist in America’s Got Talent in 2011 and sang a 15-second version of “Chocolate Rain.” She also appeared on “The Jack and Triumph Show” in 2015 and has collaborated with many different artists and entertainers.

Tay Zonday is an American singer, songwriter, and YouTube personality. He rose to fame after his viral hit song “Chocolate Rain.” He has also appeared in several films and television shows. His net worth is currently unknown. The average person who is involved in the music industry has made $600 in the past year.

Tay Zonday has a net worth of about $500 thousand. His success in singing and performing has helped him earn a large portion of his wealth. He has a YouTube channel with 1.5 million subscribers and has appeared on many TV shows. Despite his impressive work and popularity, Tay Zonday is still single. He has not revealed any news on his romantic life.

Zonday’s career has taken him to international attention. He released a song titled “Chocolate Rain” in 2007 and quickly rose to national fame. He even appeared on the popular Jimmy Kimmel Live show. His song has been covered by a number of top musicians. John Mayer, for instance, ripped the keyboard riff from the song during a concert, and Green Day drummer Tre Cool recorded a cover version of the song.

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