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Tay-K is a rising American rapper with a net worth of over one hundred and twenty thousand dollars as of late 2017. The 18-year-old has been in the music industry for three years and has already released several albums. His hit song “The Race” has garnered over one hundred and twenty million views on YouTube.

The rapper was born on June 16, 2000 in the United States. After getting arrested for a song, Tay-K released his first music video, “The Race”. In July 2017, he released a mixtape called “Santana World,” which sold more than one million copies.

Tay-K’s net worth is estimated to be around two hundred and fifty thousand dollars as of 2022. He earned more than half of his net worth from his record deal with 88 Classic, which brought in more than six hundred thousand dollars. However, he had to pay numerous fines and legal fees as a result of a criminal conviction.

Tay-K’s career in music began in his teenage years, when he joined the rap group Daytona Boyz. He performed on the group’s debut song, “Drift”. This song influenced other rappers like Soulja Boy and Chief Keef, who went on to sign with the group. In mid-2015, he released his first solo track, “BIFF XANNEN,” and a month later, “Megaman.” His solo career has helped him establish himself as an upcoming young rapper. These songs have given him an underground following and provided a modest foundation for his net worth.

Despite his criminal past, Tay-K has managed to make it big with his music. His single, “The Race,” reached over 32 million views on YouTube and peaked at number twenty-two on the US Rap chart. His legal troubles have only added to his popularity and net worth.

Originally from Long Beach, California, Tay-K is a member of the Daytona Boyz rap group. His parents are members of the Crips, and his mother was a member of the Baby Insane Crip gang. They moved to Arlington, Texas when he was around nine years old. He attended Martin High School, but he was expelled because of his gangster lifestyle.

The rapper’s net worth is estimated to be about $2.5 million. His net worth is based on his income, music career, and the number of fans he has accumulated in recent years. He is currently serving a prison sentence for murder. The rapper was born on 16 June 2000 and has a height of 1.7 meters.

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