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Shekinah Jo is a reality television star and hair stylist. Her net worth is around $200 thousand. She has a big fan base on Instagram, which she uses to promote her business. She also has her own YouTube channel. She has a good height and body figure. She has never been married or engaged in a serious relationship. She is a popular personality on social media, with over 3.5 million followers on Instagram. She also has an official website for booking her hair appointments.

Shekinah Jo Anderson is a 36 year old woman who is a successful businesswoman. She was born in 1984 in Atlanta, Georgia. Her parents are James and Sonya Anderson, and she has a sister. Her mother later married a second time, and Shekinah Jo lived with her stepfather. Shekinah Jo has a successful career in hair care and sells products in various salons.

Shekinah Jo’s net worth is not publicly available. But she has earned a good amount of money from her work as a hair stylist and on the internet. Shekinah has also appeared on several reality shows. Shekinah worked as a hair stylist for Tiny Harris’ singing group.

Shekinah Anderson’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 thousand. She makes most of her money from celebrity hair styling. She’s also appeared in a few reality shows and has endorsement deals with popular brands. She has an active and loyal fan base on social media. Her Instagram account boasts over three million followers, a number that rivals the combined followings of Cardi B and Lovely Mimi. Additionally, she has a large following on Twitter.

Shekinah Anderson has not disclosed her current relationship status. However, she’s been open about her past pregnancy and has admitted to having two abortions. Those procedures were necessary because she didn’t feel ready to have children. Shekinah Anderson, however, doesn’t regret them. Shekinah has been a single woman since 2012 and has never been married. She has one sister.

Shekinah Jo Anderson is an American hair stylist who has amassed a substantial net worth. Her work on reality television shows has also helped her rise in the public eye. She has appeared on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta and TI & Tiny. The success of these shows has increased her net worth.

During her time on the OMG Girls, Shekinah Jo defended Tiny and T.I after he was accused of sexual assault. While in the midst of defending the couple, the two were both in the room with the singer Tiny Harris. Tiny Harris instructed Shekinah Jo on what to say. She responded to Tiny’s story in a live Instagram session, but she did not confirm that she was involved with the rapper.

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