Sarah Roemer Net Worth

Sarah Roemer Net Worth

The actress’s career started in 2005 when she appeared in the television show Disturbia, and her success continued to grow ever since. She went on to star in numerous movies and television series, including a 2007 co-starring role in the psychological thriller Disturbia. In 2008, she appeared in the thriller Locked In as Emma and was also cast in the 2011 film The App. Her net worth is now estimated at $7 million.

Roemer was born on a Friday, September 28, 1984 in San Diego, California, USA. Her real name is Sarah Christine Roemer, but she goes by her nickname, Sarah Christine. Her hometown is San Diego, California, and she has an older brother. She dropped out of high school at age 15 and later became a model. She is currently considered a successful actress, earning more than $1 million in net worth.

Roemer’s film credits are impressive. In addition to the hit comedy The Event, she has appeared in several other films. She starred as Ashley Carlson in the Shia LaBeouf-directed comedy The Event, which grossed $117 million worldwide and cost only $20 million. She also starred in the thriller The Con Artist as Emma Sawyer. She also starred in the drama television series The App as Emma Sawyer.

Currently, Sarah Roemer has an estimated net worth of $2 million, and is expected to continue to increase in the future. The actress is a mother of two, and has been married to actor Murray since 2015.

The actress has been an actress since 2006. She began appearing in movies with a leading role in Wristcutters: A Love Story. After starring in a comedy, Sarah McLachlan appeared in “The Grudge 2” as a cheerleader. The film received mixed reviews, but she gained recognition as a cheerleader. In 2009, she also appeared in “Disturbia” as Ashley Carlson, in which she won critical and audience accolades.

Besides acting, Sarah Rosenberg’s work on TV made her an internationally famous actress. Her breakthrough role as Eve in ‘Cutlass’, starring Kristen Stewart, earned her an acclaimed role. She has also appeared in a handful of movies, including ‘The Event’ and ‘Manhattan Undying’. Her latest projects include ‘The Girlfriend Game’, “Disturbia,” and ‘The Program’.

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