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Saagar Enjeti is a journalist and co-host of “Rising at The Hill.” His show debuted in January 2021. After a brief absence from The Hill, Saagar and Krystal left to start a new podcast. Their new program, “Breaking Points,” has garnered over 300,000 subscribers within a week. Enjeti was previously married to Aaron Peterson, but the couple divorced in 2006 after a series of disagreements. Since then, Enjeti has been married to Jonathan Dariyanani, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

Enjeti is a journalist based in Washington, D.C. He was a journalist and media fellow at the Hudson Institute. He also co-hosts the Realignment Podcast. He previously served as a White House reporter for The Daily Caller and reported from the Pentagon. He has also written for Business Insider and has appeared as a guest panelist on Fox News.

Enjeti is an American journalist who is famous for co-hosting “Rising at the Hill” and “Realignment” podcasts. His other projects include co-hosting the Breaking Points podcast with Krystal Enjeti. These shows have become one of the top-rated political podcasts in the US in less than a week. He is of South Asian descent and was born in Texas. He speaks English and Telugu.

Saagar Enjeti was born in 1984 in the United States. His parents were from India and he was raised in Texas. His mother is a Clinical Professor at the Texas A&M University, and his father is an Electrical and Computer Engineering professor at the Texas A&M University.

Enjeti’s net worth is estimated at $2.6 billion. He co-founded AQR Capital Management, which manages $200 billion in assets. He also served as the Finance Director of Habitat for Humanity society while attending GWU. He is a highly-regarded journalist who has appeared in numerous publications, including The Financial Times and Fox News.

Enjeti is an Indian-American who has made a name for himself in the media. In addition to reporting news and events around the world, he is also a published author. Enjeti is currently residing in Washington, D.C., where he is running for a position as the White House correspondent. He is a smart and well-rounded individual with an impressive career.

Saagar Enjeti has achieved many milestones in his career. His most significant achievements came while he was attending the George Washington University. He has been a successful author, journalist, and tv personality. Saagar’s net worth is estimated to increase by $500 thousand or more by 2022.

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