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Ryan Shazier is a former NFL linebacker and is currently recovering from a spinal cord injury. In his first season, he recorded 36 tackles, 24 solo stops and one pass deflection. During his second and third seasons, he finished with a total of 84 tackles, 3.5 sacks and three interceptions. As of this writing, his net worth is estimated at $20 million.

In addition to his football career, Ryan Shazier has a thriving personal life. He has a luxurious home, and he has two Porsches he likes to drive. He also has two more luxury vehicles. In addition to his net worth, Ryan Shazier is married to his longtime girlfriend, Michelle Rodriguez, who he married on 3 May 2019. They share a deep love for each other, and Michelle wears Ryan’s number at football games. In July of 2018, Ryan and Michelle announced their pregnancy.

Ryan Shazier has a huge social media following. He has more than 386k followers on Twitter. The footballer also has a large following on Instagram. He posts pictures of his family and travel destinations. His followers on Instagram total around 825k. The 33-year-old hails from Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. Shazier’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

Ryan Shazier’s net worth is primarily derived from his professional football career. He has earned the majority of his fortune playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. His net worth is expected to continue to grow if he continues playing in the NFL. Shazier has also been open about his struggles with alopecia and has a blog based on his experiences.

Ryan Shazier has an impressive net worth. He earned over $18 million during his football career and has endorsement deals from top brands. In March of 2020, he and his wife sold their home in Fox Chapel for $2.3 million. In March 2021, they bought a smaller 4,900-square-foot house. As of March 2019, Ryan Shazier’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million.

Shazier began his career as a starting inside linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In his first game, he made six tackles and a pass deflection. In his second game, he recorded 15 tackles against the Baltimore Ravens. He missed weeks four through seven of his rookie season due to injury. However, he returned to action in October against the Indianapolis Colts. Shazier’s second Pro Bowl appearance came just a month later.

Shazier’s net worth is determined by his playing career. His college career earned him a number of accolades and a massive signing bonus from the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, his bank balance was affected by an injury to the head in 2017. He has undergone several rehabilitation procedures and is set to retire from the NFL in September 2020. His salary is estimated to be between $16 million and $10 million.

The Pittsburgh Steelers exercised Shazier’s fifth-year option in April 2017. He tied his career high against the Cleveland Browns in December 2017. Shazier underwent spinal stabilization surgery in December 2017 after suffering a serious back injury. However, he is still expected to miss at least a significant part of the 2018 season due to the injury.

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