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Ryan Capes is an American athlete who started his career as a bike jumper. He grew up in Seattle, Washington, and graduated from Whidbey High School in 1999. He was active on Instagram as @ryanpcapes and described himself as an ‘Adrenaline Junkie.’ His Instagram profile is inactive as of January 20.

His sport career brought him great fame, and his net worth has grown accordingly. During his career, Ryan Capes set several world records. He was the first person to jump off a three-quarter mile incline slope, and in October 2005, he achieved that record. In addition to motocross competitions, Capes also took part in several other events, including mountain biking and BMX.

His passion for stunts led him to become an extreme sports enthusiast at a young age. He has performed stunts on spinning blade helicopters and other specialized vehicles. Capes admits that part of his appeal stems from his daredevil persona, but he takes safety very seriously. To make his jumps safe, he works with engineers and plans them meticulously. The five-foot-four-inch model, who hails from Freeland, Washington, is currently living in Lynnwood. He has thousands of fans on social media.

Capes’ net worth is estimated at $3 million. His motocross career has brought him a lot of fame and money. In 2005, he broke the world record for the motorcycle jump by jumping 391 feet. However, the record was broken in June 2012 by Alex Harvill. Despite this setback, Capes is still working on breaking the record.

Capes was also a part of the Monster Army group. His stunts attracted people from around the world. His death was a huge blow to the motorcycling community, as his stunts often included high jumps. In his Instagram profile, he described himself as an ‘Adrenaline Junkie’.

Ryan Capes was an active Instagram user and one-time world record holder in motorcycle long-distance jumps. He achieved a jump of 391 feet and four inches on a Kawasaki 450 in November 2008. His previous record was 310 feet, four inches, in October 2005. The record was later broken by teenage Alex Harvill in June 2012.

Unfortunately, the world lost a world record holder and a motorcyclist, Ryan Capes, a man of forty. It’s unclear what caused his death, but he was an accomplished athlete. Ryan Capes had an impressive net worth and was a highly regarded figure in the motorcycling community.

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