ray parker jr net worth

Ray Parker Jr. has a net worth of $2.5 million. His primary career as a Pop Singer made him an international star. Parker toured with Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra in the mid-1970s, and went on to become a songwriter, guitarist, producer, and recording artist. In addition to his music career, Parker also owns a restaurant chain in Washington, D.C., as well as the Detroit Tigers football team. His net worth has increased over the years, and his empire has grown with the success of his products.

His net worth is estimated at $1 million to $5 million dollars. Parker was born on May 1, 1954, in Detroit, Michigan, USA, as Ray Erskine Parker. He married Elaine Parker in 1994 and they have four children together. Currently, Parker is in a relationship with actress Kim Basinger. However, his net worth remains undisclosed. As of July 2018, Parker is a multi-millionaire in his early forties.

Parker has had a successful career spanning several genres, from rock to jazz to pop to hip-hop. In addition to writing the theme song for the Ghostbusters movie franchise, he has performed as an actor, songwriter, and producer. Parker began his music career as a guitar player in the house band of Detroit’s 20 Grand nightclub. In 1974, he signed with The Detroit Spinners and toured with them.

Huey Lewis sued Parker Jr. for plagiarism in 1985. Huey Lewis claimed that Parker copied his bass line from Lewis’ 1983 song, “Ghostbusters”. The two settled for an undisclosed amount. In addition to his music and movie career, Parker has appeared in advertisements and television series. His net worth is estimated to be $10 million. These are some estimates, but his net worth is much higher.

The band Raydio broke into success in the mid-70s, and released their first hit song, “Jack and Jill,” in 1978. He continued to release hit songs throughout the 80s, and then went on to pursue his solo career. Since then, Parker has been credited for several notable roles in film and television. His first appearance on “Gimme a Break” was a hit for Chaka Khan, and his second album, “Ghostbusters,” was directed by Ivan Reitman.

Parker has several sources of income, including endorsements, businesses, and investments. His net worth can’t be calculated as an exact figure, since his income comes from many different sources. Nevertheless, it’s estimated that Parker Jr. is worth at least $10 million. He is 6 feet tall, has two girlfriends, and a family. So far, he is a well-known celebrity. So, what is Ray Parker Jr’s net worth?

After making a career as a sideman for many artists, Parker started composing his own songs and co-wrote a song with Marvin Gaye at age sixteen. He was also a part of Stevie Wonder’s Love Unlimited Orchestra. He achieved his first major hit with “You Got the Love” in 1974, which was co-written by Chaka Khan and Rufus. He also appeared in the Sidney Poitier film “Uptown Saturday Night.”

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