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R-Truth is a popular American professional wrestler and boxer. He was born in New Jersey in 1971 and has worked out and competed in multiple sports. He is married to Pamela Killings and has one daughter. His net worth is estimated at $20 million. He was married for seven years before his wife died of cancer in 2013. His daughter’s name is not yet known.

R-Truth’s net worth has grown over the years. He has won several championships since entering the wrestling business, including the United States Championship and the WWE Tag Team Championship. He has also performed under the Smackdown brand and on the world stage. In 2016, he made his net worth even higher after he made a comeback in the WWE.

When he was young, R-Truth competed in track and field. He earned scholarships to go to college, but he declined them in order to pursue a career in music. His money from drug deals helped him finance his music career. In addition, he was arrested four times and spent over a year in prison. After serving his time in prison, he was able to quit his drug business.

In addition to being a wrestler, R-Truth is an actor and rapper. His net worth is estimated at $4 million. R-Truth is a multi-platinum artist with a huge fan following. He has released several single albums and studio albums. R-Truth has also appeared in a number of movies, including Blood Brother and Head of State.

R-Truth was born on 19 January 1972. He will turn fifty in 2022, and his height is 188 cm. He weighs around two hundred pounds. He is also a ten-time NWA champion. His first career was as a wrestler, but he eventually decided to move into music.

After leaving Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, R-Truth returned to the WWE as R-Truth. In 2008, he teamed up with Kofi Kingston to compete for the United States Championship and Tag Team Championship. He headlined several events and participated in multiple World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Championship matches.

R-Truth’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. His net worth has risen considerably as a result of his popularity and continued success. As an artist, he has a wide range of interests and is a talented entertainer. He also has a strong following on social media, including Instagram.

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