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Philip Michael Thomas has a net worth of $2.5 million and is one of the highest paid actors in the world. He makes money from his acting career, as well as from various brand endorsements. Even with his modest net worth, this talented actor continues to push his personal boundaries and challenges himself as an artist.

Thomas’ career started with small parts in films like “Hair,” and he dropped out of college in order to pursue his acting career. During the 1970s and 1980s, he appeared in numerous features. His breakthrough came in the 1980s, when he was cast as Ricardo Tubbs in the popular television series Miami Vice. He earned $25,000 per episode for the first two seasons of the show, and $50,000 per episode during seasons three and four.

Philip Thomas is married to Kassandra Thomas, and they had five children together. However, they divorced in 1998. Thomas is the father of six children from previous relationships. He has also been romantically linked with Sheila Willis, Dharma Matthews, and Dionne Warwick.

In addition to acting, Philip Michael Thomas has dabbled in the music business. His first two albums were considered flops, but he has since worked with Sandi Morais and Kathy Rahill. In 2001, he formed a production company called Magic Cookie Production Company, and produced music for a variety of fitness videos.

The net worth of Philip Michael Thomas is estimated to be around $2.5 million. Thomas’ net worth is a result of his acting career and his music career. His most famous role was in the 1980s television show Miami Vice, in which he played detective Ricardo Tubbs. He has received many awards and nominations, including the People’s Choice Award and a Golden Globe. Thomas even coined an acronym, EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony), though he hasn’t yet won all four.

Despite being a celebrity, Philip Michael Thomas is a nonsmoker and a vegetarian. He has six children from different relationships. He has also been romantically linked with Dionne Warwick, Sheila Willis, and Dharma Matthews. Besides being an actor, Thomas is a singer and has his own production company called Magic Cookie. In his latest venture, he created music for fitness videos.

Thomas was born on 26 May 1949 in Columbus, Ohio. He spent his early years in San Bernardino, California, where he joined a church theatre group and sang in the Pentecostal Delman Heights 4 Sq. Gospel Church choir. As a teenager, he worked as a janitor to raise money for college. He later attended Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama and University of California, Riverside, where he studied philosophy.

Thomas has continued to earn a decent living from his acting career. In addition to composing music for movies, he has also appeared in commercials and on TV. His first acting role came in “Hair” in San Francisco. After this, he left school to pursue his acting career.

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