paulo goude net worth

Paulo Goude net worth is estimated at $500 thousand in 2019. Goude earns around $150,000 from live performances and record sales. His father and mother have a combined net worth of $5 million. His father signed a three-million dollar contract with Esquire Magazine. His girlfriend is Azella.

Growing up in Paris and New York, Paulo Goude has a unique background. His mother is a famous model and her father is an artist. Both of their careers have landed Paulo in the spotlight. His family was initially shocked by the media attention, and he tried to keep away from the media. He studied piano and digital composing while at school, and credits his mother for helping him to become a better artist. His mother is his primary critic and he has two half-siblings on his father’s side.

Goude was born in France on November 12, 1979. His mother is Grace Jones, and his father is Jean-Paul Goude. His three stepbrothers and sisters are also artists. He is a member of Trybez, an alternative rock band, and is involved in a love relationship with a member of the band.

His net worth is estimated at $100k. He started out with less confidence and more pressure, but he accepted it and worked hard from the age of twenty-four to forty. He appeared in several magazines and even acted in a biopic about his mother. He has since become a fashion consultant and teaches fashion design at fashion schools.

Goude has two children. His daughter, Athena, is a gifted dancer and a classical pianist. She has also learned to draw and sing. Her parents have set an example for her to follow. The couple lives in Los Angeles. They also have a daughter, Azella Amigues.

Paulo Goude was not always famous. His parents had tried to hide him from the media, which may have contributed to his lack of schooling. He may have finished his primary education in France and taken modeling or acting classes before making his name. However, his career in fashion is more diversified than it might seem.

Originally, Goude planned to start a Latino hip-hop group. However, after a few years, he teamed up with Azella and Faisaland. The band sings in Spanish and English. In January 2009, they performed in London, England’s Roundhouse Stadium. The performance prompted the band to tour the United Kingdom.

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