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Oliver “Power” Grant has an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars. He is a famous media and fashion mogul. Find out about his biography, height, age, and dress size. In addition, you can learn about his family and personal life. He was born on November 23, 1973 in the United States.

Oliver Power Grant is an American musician and entrepreneur. He has worked on several Wu-Tang Clan albums. He has also launched a clothing line called Wu Wear. This line was popular during the Wu-Tang craze. He was born in Staten Island, New York, and grew up in Park Hill. He is 6 feet, one inch tall and weighs 275 pounds.

Oliver Power Grant began his career as a musician, producing albums with Wu-Tang Clan members. He eventually became a clothing mogul and created a clothing line using the Wu-Tang Clan’s fame. He has been listed among the Richest American celebrities. In 2019, his documentary Of Mics and Men debuted on Showtime.

During his career as a producer, Oliver Power Grant has worked on several films. His most notable work includes “Belly” and “Black and White”. He has also acted in a number of films. He also starred as Knowledge in “Belly.” In addition to music, Oliver has a solid net worth due to his diverse career.

Oliver Grant’s net worth is estimated at $ 2 million. He earns a large portion of his net worth through his clothing line. Oliver Grant is closely related to the Wu-Tang clan, and is the seventh richest member of the Wu-Tang clan in estimated internet value. In addition to his clothing line, Oliver also earns a nice sum from the sale of Wu-Tang Clan albums.

As a producer, Oliver Grant has earned millions of dollars from Wu-Tang Clan. His albums have sold more than 6.5 million albums in the United States alone. When RZA joined the group, their albums sold over 40 million worldwide. After RZA joined the group, Wu-Tang Clan released an album called “Iron Flag.” Grant also earned millions of dollars from clothing lines based on Wu-Tang artists.

Oliver Grant created Wu-Tang Clan clothing and started a mail order business. Soon after, he opened a retail store and promoted the clothing line. The clothing lines he started produced $25 million in annual sales. His empire now includes several companies that market clothing with his Wu-Tang Clan logo.

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