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There is a lot of speculation surrounding the amount of Nico Rosberg’s net worth, but there are some details that you should be aware of. Here, you’ll discover how much this Formula One champion is worth. As of this writing, Nico is worth an estimated 19433 thousand dollars. If you’re wondering how to calculate your own net worth, here are some tips that you might find useful. As a native of Germany, Nico Rosberg was born in the Cancer zodiac sign. This means he was born in the Year of the Ox (1985). His father is the seven-time Formula One World Champion, and that’s why he is known as his father.

As of 2016, the German F1 driver earned a salary of $15 million per year and lives in Monte Carlo. He signed a two-year contract with Mercedes in July 2016 that pays him a basic salary of $18 million a year, plus race-win bonuses of $750,000 and an additional $5 million if he wins the F! title. In addition to his racing salary, Nico Rosberg also earns $1 million per year from endorsement deals, such as the partnership with designer Thomas Sabo and his endorsement deal with Rolex.

The Formula One driver Nico Rosberg was born on June 27, 1985, in Wiesbaden, Germany. He joined Mercedes in 2010 after winning the GP2 Series in 2005. He has dual citizenship in Germany and Finland. He was born in the Year of the Ox, so his net worth is doubled. While many drivers aim to become wealthy, the money he has earned as a Formula 1 driver is substantial.

The driver’s wife, Vivian Sibold, has a net worth of $34 million. The couple has two children together. Nico Rosberg is an avid supporter of FC Bayern Munich, and is a member of the Monaco national tennis team. He also loves to play tennis and has been a member of its board for several years. In addition to his racing career, Rosberg has also become a prominent member of the German football team.

Aside from being a Formula One driver, Nico Rosberg also owns a YouTube vlog channel. In addition to this, he also conducts a podcast called Beyond Victory. His achievements in the world of motorsport have earned him a wealth of awards. In 2011, he won the Lorenzo Bandini Trophy for his dedication to racing automobiles. He also won the Formula BMW ADAC Championship and the Chinese Grand Prix.

In addition to his professional career, Nico Rosberg is involved in many charitable causes, including promoting sustainable technologies and running his own F1 team. He also holds a stake in an electric car project called Extreme E Racing. His Extreme E Racing team won the inaugural championship of this new racing series in December. Nico Rosberg first won a Formula One race in 2006 for Williams, but was eventually replaced by Lewis Hamilton.

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