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YouTuber Nick Avocado has a net worth of $3 million. His success has come from his monetized YouTube videos. He has been paid $150 for every five minutes of his videos on Cameo, and his videos have gone viral on OnlyFans and Patreon. He has also made a lot of money selling merchandise. Some of his items include phone cases and T-shirts featuring his face and the “It’s just water weight” slogan. As of 2013, he was living in Colombia.

Avocado was born in the Ukraine but adopted by an American family when he was a baby. Before he became a YouTube sensation, he worked at Home Depot and freelanced as a violinist. He has over 6 million subscribers, and his channels have garnered over 1.42 billion views. He is openly gay and married to Colombian native Orlin Home.

Nick Avocado was diagnosed with depression at age five and ADHD and OCD at age seven. He received the appropriate treatment for both conditions. His content is family friendly, but he has also talked about politics and sex on his YouTube channels. His hair is dark brown and he weighs 350 pounds.

Nikocado Avocado’s net worth is estimated to be around $800K. He has multiple sources of income, including Patreon donations, Cameo gigs, Merchandise Sales, and his OnlyFans Account. Combined, these sources of income contribute to his $800K net worth.

The internet has spawned many successful YouTube personalities. Nikocado Avocado, however, is no exception. His popularity stems from his ability to share the love of vegan food with his audience. His videos have been viewed more than 450 million times. And his music has won numerous awards.

In recent years, Nikocado Avocado has suffered from several health issues. He has a history of depression and erectile dysfunction and has posted videos showing his breakdowns. He started using a mobility scooter in 2021. He has also been diagnosed with sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction.

Nick Avocado is married to fellow Mukbang YouTuber Orlin Home. They were introduced to each other through a vegan men’s group. They dated and eventually became lovers. In 2017, they split and revealed that they had broken up. However, they reconciled later that year. The couple also have a pet kiwi and parrot.

The YouTuber used to own a sloth, but gave it away after being bitten. He also owned a parrot bird named Mr. Noodle, which passed away last year. He was a vegan for a while, but started eating meat and cheese when health issues started to creep in. This resulted in him gaining weight.

Despite his success, his life has not been without its share of controversy. His frequent curses and alarming views on other races and cultures have caused him to face a lot of criticism. He has even been labelled as racist towards Asians. In addition to these issues, he has also harassed Stephanie Soo on a number of occasions.

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