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Vicki Lawrence’s net worth is currently unknown but her career is quite prolific. She has starred in numerous TV shows and films. She has been nominated for several Daytime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Talk Show Host. The following year, Lawrence was nominated for two more Daytime Emmy Awards: Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series and Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series.

Vicki Lawrence is an American actress and singer. She is believed to have an estimated net worth of $10 million. Lawrence was born in Inglewood, California, in 1949. Her career has earned her many accolades, including for her roles in “Mama’s Family” and “The Carole Burnett Show.”

Vicki Lawrence was born on 26 March 1949 in Inglewood, California. Her age at the time of her death was 73. She is a member of the Aries zodiac sign and has the Daffodil as her birth flower. She is five feet and five inches tall and was a valedictorian in her high school class. She is married to Bobby Russell. In addition to her acting career, Vicki Lawrence also has various brand endorsements.

Lawrence is also a producer, songwriter, and composer. She has worked on several films, including the American Pie films and the High School Musical series. She is also credited as a mentor by her two parents, Carol and Harvey. It is difficult to say how much she earns from her career, but it’s safe to assume that she earns millions from her work.

Vicki Lawrence has a net worth of $20 million. She is an American actress, author, and comedienne. Her most well-known roles on television include Thelma Harper on The Carol Burnett Show, and the central character in Mama’s Family on Fox. She has also written her own books.

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