mozzy net worth 2021

Mozzy, born Timothy Berner, is an American rapper who began rapping under the stage name Lil’ Tim in 2000. In 2012, he switched his stage name to Mozzy. His career took off after he released his album Bladadah, which was ranked as the 22nd best rap album of the year by Rolling Stone. Afterward, his album earned him a Best Run award from Complex Magazine.

Mozzy’s net worth is currently estimated to be $750,000. Although he hasn’t achieved the award level that many of his competitors have, his fans have responded to his music. He currently has 511K YouTube subscribers and has over 320 million views on his videos. He has an online store where fans can purchase customized merchandise. Mozzy also has two daughters.

Mozzy’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $1 million and $2 million in 2021. His income has been derived from his music career, YouTube videos, live stage shows, and YouTube commercials. He also has his own product store, where fans can purchase Mozzy-branded t-shirts, beanies, and hoodies.

Mozzy has a large following on YouTube and has organized a number of concerts and live stage shows. Besides his music career, Mozzy has also started his own clothing line that sells sweatshirts, joggers, and beanies. Mozzy’s net worth is estimated to grow by 2021 thanks to his music career.

Mozzy has released a number of albums over the years, including his latest album, Beyond Bulletproof. He has also released albums featuring other rap stars including King Von and Polo G. He also has a wife and two daughters. In addition to his career, Mozzy has a huge social following, including his Instagram and Twitter accounts. His YouTube channel has more than 300K subscribers.

Mozzy has a net worth of $1 million. He is an American rapper. He has released numerous studio albums, as well as numerous eps and mixtapes. He is 34 years old and has many albums in the works. He is also a member of the Oak Park Bloods, one of the oldest Blood gangs in Sacramento.

Mozzy is also an entrepreneur and producer. He recently bought a property in Sacramento. He paid $1059,000 for it. His net worth has increased since the purchase. His net worth will likely grow as his career continues. If you are looking for a rapper with a high net worth, check out his bio!

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