michael harry o harris net worth

Michael Harry-O Harris has an estimated net worth of $40 million. In his early days, he was a drug dealer. He was later approached by Suge Knight, a record producer. Suge offered him 1.5 million dollars to invest in his record label. After four years, the label was worth 325 million. Throughout his life, Michael Harry-O Harris has made several investments and has amassed an impressive net worth.

Michael Harry-O Harris is the former drug lord of Houston, Texas. His drug empire made him a millionaire. He was involved in narcotics trafficking, and earned $2 million a day. However, he was able to avoid jail time by making a business deal with a Colombian supplier.

Michael Harry-O Harris was born in 1960 and raised by his mother, Regina. He was interested in show business and music as a child, and he was influenced by his neighbor, who was a pianist. He also played the trombone and percussion in his school band.

As an author, Michael Harris has published more than 100 books. He also became a highly successful journalist and co-founded the influential magazine, Black Commentator. He also started the American Radio Network, which helped to promote the careers of African Americans in broadcast journalism. In addition to his writing, Harris had a successful career in the field of marketing. He received several awards and was deemed a Living Legend by the Library of Congress in 2016.

Harris is a successful entrepreneur. He invested in various businesses, including the record label Death Row. He also owned a 20-car limousine service, hair salons, and an exotic car dealership. He was also involved in a construction company. His business success made him a rich man in his day.

Despite his criminal record, Harris decided to pursue legitimate goals in his life. He has invested in real estate, hair salons, and several businesses. He also owns an exotic car dealership and a construction company. He also produces a play called Stepping Into Tomorrow, featuring the daughters of Malcolm X and Harry Bellafonte. He also produced the Broadway hit, Checkmates, which starred Denzel Washington and Vanessa Williams.

After serving prison time, Harris has reformed himself and reestablished his business. His influence as a former rap mogul has helped him in a number of endeavors. He has been a vocal advocate for justice reform and started several non-profit organizations for struggling youth.

As a co-founder of the legendary record label Death Row Records, he has amassed a fortune. He invested $1.5 million during his prison time in the company, which launched the careers of Tupac Shakur and Dr. Dre. He was also sentenced to 40 years in prison for drug trafficking, and this conviction landed him in jail. However, President Donald Trump pardoned him from his sentence.

Harris is also credited for helping Lydia Knight with her start-up, but she denied receiving start-up funds from Harris. Despite this, Lydia Harris, a former business partner of Harris, thanked Harris for his help with the venture. The videotape of the event was later seized by the FBI. The former boss of the record label went on to launch New Image Entertainment, which later released Life After Evolution: Reality Check.

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