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Melissa Claire Egan is a well-known American actress and television personality. She is best known for her roles on ‘All My Children’ and ‘The Young and the Restless’. Egan was born on September 28, 1981, in Pound Ridge, New York. She is the daughter of Mary and Dennis Egan. She has two siblings, a brother and a sister.

Melissa first took acting classes when she was 10 years old. She had always been interested in acting and despite her mother’s disapproval, she went to college to pursue her dream. She has been in the entertainment industry for more than two decades and has amassed a good fortune. Her net worth is around $8 million, which is not bad for a working actor.

After modeling, Egan’s dream was to become an actress and landed herself a role in a television show. Her first TV appearance was in an episode of Dawson’s Creek. She later went on to appear in a small role on ‘One Tree Hill’. In 2005, she starred in the movie ‘Wrestling’. She was also a cast member on the daytime soap ‘All My Children’. She also appeared in a guest role on ‘Criminal Minds’ in season six episode 7.

Melissa Claire Egan net worth is calculated based on a combination of social factors. As a result, her actual income may vary considerably from this amount. She has two children. Her Instagram account has a lot of followers. She has a lot of success in the entertainment industry and has earned a considerable net worth as a result.

Melissa Claire Egan’s love life is kept private. Although she maintains a relationship page on her website, she does not disclose her previous relationships. However, she has had several connections and relationships. She is yet to get married. Therefore, her net worth is estimated at $4 million.

Melissa Claire Egan is an American actress. She was born on September 28, 1981. Her net worth is currently $4 million. She is ranked as one of the richest Actors in the United States. She has two children. If you are wondering about Melissa Claire Egan’s net worth, you can find out here.

Melissa Claire Egan is an attractive young woman with a slender physique. She stands at 1.6 meters and weighs around 115 pounds. Her body measurements are 34-24-35 inches. She wears a size 2 (US) dress and size 7 shoes. She has many fans on social media, including 133k followers on Instagram.

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