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Mel Thompson net worth is largely derived from her online content. She has a large following on social media and is well-known for her make-up tutorial videos. In addition to this, she has a large YouTube subscription list and huge social media following. While her personal life is relatively private, her net worth is impressive.

Mel Thompson’s net worth is in the millions of US Dollars. She achieved fame on YouTube, where she shared her videos about viral topics. In addition to creating videos, she also collaborated with brands like MAC and Kelsee. As of 2021, she earned $450,000 US dollars. This money came from YouTube Ad-revenue, paid content, and brand deals.

Although Thompson didn’t disclose her exact net worth, it’s believed to be around $1 million USD. Her YouTube channel is extremely popular, with over 169K subscribers. Her videos featured various celebrities. According to Forbes, she had an impressive net worth, but she died at a young age of 35.

In addition to making YouTube videos, she was also a successful make-up artist. Her lip sync videos gained her massive following. In addition, she is active on Instagram and Tik Tok. Her videos have received thousands of views and likes. However, her personal life has been very private, with her husband and kids.

Thompson was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She began modeling after high school. She auditioned for numerous films and gained a huge following. She also produced and edited many educational and entertainment videos. Her videos have reached more than 30 million people. Despite her fame in the entertainment industry, she has also worked in different fields, including teaching English.

Mel Thompson had many romantic relationships. She married Puffin Thompson and had four children with her. Sadly, she died from cancer on September 26, 2021. Although she had many fans, her personal life remains highly private. Her family is close to her, but she has never revealed her parents.

Mel Thompson had a lot of assets, including many real estate properties. Her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. In 2016, she was 35 years old. She was of white ethnicity, and her zodiac sign was not known. She had a large social media following and her online content gained a great deal of popularity. She was a talented artist with a huge net worth.

While she was very popular on YouTube, she was also a makeup artist. Her YouTube videos gained her thousands of subscribers. However, she passed away in 2022. The cause of her death has not yet been determined. Regardless of the cause of death, she is still thought to have a very high net worth.

The YouTube videos she uploads have increased her net worth. She makes three or four videos on YouTube each week, and each video averages between ten and fifty thousand views. Her YouTube videos have a large following and generate a large amount of revenue through paid content and ad revenue.

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