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Mark Sisson is an American author, fitness expert, and food blogger. He is also a former triathlete, long distance runner, and Ironman competitor. His net worth is estimated to be around $18 million. His wealth has accrued from his fitness career and best-selling books. He also has a podcast, which is popular with fans of health and fitness. His most recent book, The Keto Reset Diet, became a New York Times best-seller in 2017.

Mark Sisson began his career as a vegetarian and long-distance runner, before becoming an author, podcaster, and fitness guru. He also wrote several books about diet and fitness, including The Primal Blueprint. Sisson also keeps a fitness blog called Mark’s Daily Apple.

Sisson was born in Maine and graduated from Williams College. He has since worked for the International Triathlon Union and served as its Chairman of the Anti-Doping Commission. He is married to Carrie Sisson and has two children. His net worth is estimated to be around $20 million in 2022.

Mark Sisson has a huge following on social media. His Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts have a total following of over 112,000. With this amount of money, Mark Sisson could buy a thousand Big Macs. He could also buy 400 BMW 3 Series view 12 trims and a thousand Rolex GMT-Master IIs. He could also buy himself a 3.0 carat diamond ring.

Mark Sisson is a well-known author. He has authored numerous books about health and fitness. He also co-founded a healthy food brand called Primal Kitchen in 2015 with Morgan Buehler, which was sold to Kraft Heinz for $200 million in 2018. He is married to Carrie Sisson, and they have two children together.

According to Forbes, Mark Sisson will have a net worth of $20 million by 2022. He is an author, fitness instructor, and food blogger, and has earned most of his wealth through his career. His personal life is detailed on Forbes. It includes details on his marriage, family, and credentials. Mark Sisson has also created a blog about his diet, which includes recipes.

Sisson’s net worth has been steadily growing as he continues to develop his lifestyle and business skills. In addition to his many books, he also created a successful food company, Primal Kitchen, which offers authentic, healthy foods. His company was sold to Kraft Heinz for $200 million in 2018, making him a highly successful entrepreneur.

In addition to being a successful fitness author, Sisson has also written several diet books. He has also been a media personality, appearing on The Today Show and Dr. Oz Show. He is also the founder of the Mark’s Daily Apple website. He is married to Carrie Sisson.

Mark Sisson’s first career as a professional athlete began in the 1970s. He served on the board of the International Triathlon Union for 15 years, serving as a liaison between athletes and international sports organizations. In 2003, he resigned from his board post due to conflicting interests. Sisson then moved on to build his dietary supplement business, Primal Nutrition.

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