linda mcmahon net worth

Linda McMahon has an estimated net worth of two billion dollars. She is a major shareholder in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), but she is no longer active in the company’s business affairs. Instead, she is focusing on her political career. She owns property in Connecticut, which is worth about 70 million dollars. She also owns a collection of luxury cars and a yacht.

McMahon is a billionaire, and her net worth is likely to continue to increase. She has made significant investments in politics and has twice run for office in the United States. She has also been nominated by President-elect Trump to be administrator of the Small Business Administration. She is an accomplished businesswoman, and is a major player in the political world. She was born in NC, and is now seventy-three years old.

Linda McMahon grew up loving sports, and met Vince McMahon in high school. The two began dating and later married. They had two children, Shane and Stephanie. She also served as the company’s CEO for nine years before retiring in 2009. In 2009, McMahon was appointed to the State Board of Education by Connecticut’s Governor.

After leaving the WWE, McMahon focused on a political career. She ran as a Republican for the U.S. Senate and spent nearly a hundred million dollars on campaigns. In addition to helping Trump win the election, McMahon was also a major donor to his reelection campaign.

Linda McMahon is a businesswoman and politician whose net worth is estimated to be about $2 billion. She is the wife of WWE founder Vince McMahon. Together with her husband, McMahon established Wrestling Entertainment and is considered the Queen of wrestling. McMahon’s wealth has grown through her business dealings.

Linda McMahon has two children: Shane and Stephanie. She is also a mother-in-law to Triple H, a professional wrestler. McMahon has also served on the National Advisory Council of several organizations and is still active in charitable work. She has been awarded the Arthur M. Sackler Award for her efforts. McMahon’s net worth is expected to continue growing as she continues her political career.

Linda McMahon married Vince McMahon in 1966. The two met at a church in their teenage years. They have two children and six grandchildren. They live in Greenwich, Connecticut. The couple own a $40 million mansion in the area. They also own a $12 million Manhattan penthouse and a sports yacht.

Linda McMahon has a large net worth due to her role in WWE. Previously, she worked as a receptionist, translated documents in French and trained to be a paralegal. However, she and her husband Bill Gibson suffered from money problems, and Linda and her husband filed for bankruptcy. In 1980, the couple started their own company, Titan Sports, Inc., and the couple purchased the Cape Cod Coliseum in Massachusetts. She also worked on company administration and trademark protection.

Linda McMahon’s net worth is estimated at $50 million. She works as a board member of Sacred Heart University, the USO and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She is also an active member of the Starlight Federation, a nonprofit organization that raises money to help children with life-threatening illnesses.

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