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Laura Wasser is an American divorce attorney who recently divorced Kanye West. Her career has spanned over 10 years and she has been known to help celebrities through the divorce process. She was once hired by Kim Kardashian to help with her divorce from Kris Humphries. Her experience in this area has earned her the nickname Queen Diso. She has also created two podcasts that give insight into her 20 years of experience practicing law. She even invited Kourtney and Khole Kardashian to participate in one of the podcasts.

Wasser has a large number of followers on Twitter. She posts personal photos and videos, and engages with followers. Her Twitter account is gaining in popularity. You can check out some of her tweets by visiting her official Twitter account below. You can also follow her on Facebook. Her Twitter account will give you the latest updates on her life.

Wasser has received numerous awards throughout her career. She has received the Family Law Zephyr M. Ramsey Award in 2008, the Century City Chamber of Commerce Women’s Achievement Award in 2011, and the Brady Center Advocate Award in 2013. She is also the managing partner of Wasser Cooperman & Mandles. She has also started an online divorce service called It’s Over Easy, which aims to make the divorce process less painful.

Wasser is a beautiful woman in her early fifties. She stands at five feet and two inches, and weighs 57 kilograms. Her skin is fair and she has hazel eyes. She has two sons from previous relationships. She divorced her husband in 1993 and has not remarried since. She is not a believer of lifetime monogamy or the involvement of the state in a marriage.

Wasser is an expert in divorce and has appeared on various television shows. In addition to being a divorce lawyer, she has written a book, What to Expect When You Get Divorced. Although her marriage ended in divorce, she is still fulfilling her parental responsibilities by raising her two sons, Jack and Luke. The two live in Los Angeles.

Wasser’s earnings from her legal career are good. She earns about $850 an hour and a $25,000 retainer fee. In addition to that, she has handled many high-profile divorce cases. In all, Wasser’s net worth is estimated to be in the $10 million range. This amount represents her net worth after accounting for expenses. Despite these high salaries, she is a modest person and prefers to maintain a modest lifestyle.

Wasser started her career in a law firm specializing in disability rights. After gaining experience, she chose to move on to a higher paying position. This decision led to a significant increase in Laura Wasser’s overall assets. She has also built a devoted following on social media, with over 23,000 followers on Instagram alone.

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