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If you are wondering how rich Larry Mazza is, you are not alone. This former mobster has a net worth of over $65 million. He is also a well-known author and has even contributed to a movie. Although he was once a member of the Mafia, he was honest and provided information to the FBI. After serving 10 years in prison, he was released in 2001. Today, he’s a dedicated husband and father.

Before becoming a famous actor, Larry Mazza started off as a delivery boy. He eventually rose to become a hitman and was a member of the crime family. In the course of his career, he killed a large number of people. As of 2022, Larry Mazza’s net worth is expected to be around $60 million. He is a native of Brooklyn and now lives in New York City. In addition to acting, Mazza also works as a gym trainer and has a family.

When Larry Mazza was young, he worked in a supermarket as a delivery boy. After meeting Linda Schiro, he was a part of the Colombo crime family. Mazza’s crime boss, Gregory ‘The Grim Reaper’ Scarpa, hired him to collect debts from racetracks. The two married and had two children. His first child, Lawrence Mazza II, was born in 1991.

Larry Mazza was released from prison in 2002. Upon his release, he worked as a fitness trainer and co-owned a gym in Merritt Island. He also acted in several movies and cultivated relationships with Hollywood celebrities. He even wrote a book, which he still owns. Because of his hard work, his net worth is expected to reach USD 23.5 million by 2022.

Larry Mazza was born in Brooklyn, New York. He is five feet, ten inches tall and weighs 62 kilograms. He has a reach of 1.78 meters. He attended a Catholic school before attending college where he studied criminal justice. He currently works as a technical adviser for action movies. This means that he makes over $500 thousand dollars a year.

As of 2022, Mazza is 59 years old. He was born in 1961. His parents were a firefighter and a bank employee. He attended a Catholic school and participated in sports throughout high school. His education also included a semester at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He was married in 2012 and lives in Palm Beach.

Before becoming an actor, Larry Mazza worked as a grocery delivery boy. He met Linda Schiro, the wife of ‘The Grim Reaper’ Scarpa, who hired him as a bodyguard. Then, he became the follower of the mobster and spent ten years in prison. After he was released, he wrote a book about his life and is now a respected actor.

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