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Kristi Lee is a famous Journalist. She is also the news director for a nationally syndicated radio show. Her net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. Lee is a 5’9″ woman and weighs 125 pounds. She was born on July 17, 1960, in the United States.

Lee’s net worth has increased significantly over the years thanks to her work on various television shows. In 2005, she relocated from Florida to Detroit, where she hoped to invest in real estate. But, the recession of 2008 crushed her dreams. Later, she revealed her plan to work on HGTV. In addition, she got a job as a DJ and On-Air Talent on 101.1 WRIF FM. The experience helped her land her many jobs in the television industry.

Kristi Lee has two daughters and is a radio personality. She has a complex personal life, with several relationships ending in divorce. She has been married to Jack Woodlock, Adam Ritz, and Malaby. Her marriage to Thomm Malaby ended in divorce. Despite her high-profile job, Lee keeps a low-profile and does not disclose her relationships with others.

Lee’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. She is an accomplished radio personality with a great eye for detail. She is an avid traveler and loves to spend time with her family. She also works as a news director for The Bob and Tom Show. In 1988, she joined the team.

Lee started her career in the media industry as a model and reporter. She then worked at WFAA-TV in Dallas. Later, she worked as a reporter and anchor at KPRC-TV in Houston. In 2010, she was hired by WRTV. Later, she became a television engineer at WRTV and became a part-time disc jockey. In addition to her successful career, she has also been a host of podcasts.

During a break from her work on Bob and Tom, Kristi Lee began hosting a podcast. She called it Kristi Lee Uninterrupted. The title is a reference to her habit of interrupting the news reports on the show. Her podcast has continued to gain popularity, and she plans to continue producing it.

Lee left “The Tom and Bob Show” in January 2016. Her last on-air appearance was December 17, 2015. In a statement, she said she was leaving because she wanted to explore new opportunities. She was surprised when her co-host, Tom Kevoian, retired in December. Her contract was set to roll over for twelve years and three months.

Kristi Lee’s net worth is estimated to be between $13 million and $18 million. She has a large salary and a high profile career in the entertainment industry. She earns a monthly salary of $56,534 from her role on “Girls Garage” alone.

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