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Kevin Wenstob net worth is estimated to be over $130 million. He has built his fortune through his varied business ventures. Currently, he is the CEO of KontrolFreek and is also the founder of The Marketing Zen Group, a marketing agency. In addition, he is a real estate investor.

Wenstob has been involved in the logging industry since his early childhood. He also advocates for sustainable forestry practices. Given the risks involved in logging, his net worth is reasonable. He grew up in Robber’s Pass on Vancouver Island and has two children.

In his spare time, Kevin Wenstob works in his sawmill and earns money from selling trees. While the job is dangerous, the pay is a high one. His company makes $66,500 per year, while his other business, Webston Timber, earns $73,000 per year. Additionally, Wenstob also has his own television show, which makes him even more money.

Kevin Wenstob net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. This comes from his sawmill, Webston Timber. It produces trees for a large number of clients. The sawmill makes more than $73,000 annually, and he makes a great deal of money from the business.

Kevin Wenstob is married and has two children. He has two sons who assist him in the logging business. He also has a wife, Sarah Fleming. In addition to his wife, he also has a right-hand man, Coleman Willner, who manages his team of loggers.

Kevin Wenstob is known for owning Wenstob Timber, a logging and sawmill business in Vancouver Island, British Columbia. His sons work as millhands and lead mechanics. He also relies on his right-hand man, Coleman Willner, to oversee the sawmill’s day-to-day operations.

The success of Wenstob’s business has led to controversy in his personal life. He has received negative surveys from consumers. His company, Wenstob Timber, is one of the last independent sawmills on Vancouver Island. He is an advocate of sustainable forestry and believes that there are ways to log responsibly. Wenstob has a TV show called Big Timber, which documents his daily life. His crew has to deal with inclement weather, rocky terrain, equipment breaking down, and other dangers while logging.

Wenstob is a logger and is the head of Wenstob Timber Resources. He and his wife, Sarah Fleming, have two children. Season one of Big Timber was met with a surge in orders, and Kevin and Sarah Wenstob’s family business is expected to grow further.

As a logging crew member, Wenstob earns approximately seventy-three thousand dollars a year. In addition to his earnings, endorsement deals and television appearances bring in millions for Wenstob.

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