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Kenny Mayne is a well-known American football broadcaster. His unique style of commentary and offbeat hosting have won him a lot of fans over the years. However, his recent departure from ESPN has left his fans in a state of shock. As a result, many people have been wondering about his net worth.

Kenny Mayne’s net worth is estimated at $8 million dollars. He has worked at some of the world’s leading networks for sports, and he has accumulated a considerable amount of assets over the years. His net worth has also increased due to his work in the media industry.

After his divorce from Laura Waggoner in 2014, Kenny Mayne reentered the dating scene. He eventually met and married Laura Waggoner, a doctor. The two were married in June 1995 and began a family together. Unfortunately, Mayne’s work schedule made it difficult to devote time to a relationship. The couple divorced on December 19, 2014.

Kenny Mayne net worth is estimated to reach $9 million by 2022. He is best known for his work for ESPN and the show “Wider World of Sports” he hosted for 27 years. Mayne’s net worth will only increase as he continues to work hard at his profession.

Kenny Mayne was born in Washington on September 1, 1959. He is a former sportscaster and is currently a brand ambassador for Caesars Sportsbook. He worked as a nighttime sportscaster on NBC and served as the host of ESPN during the Olympics. He is 62 years old and stands 5 feet 9 inches.

His television career started as a reporter for Las Vegas-based KLVX-TV before signing on with the Seattle Seahawks. He later became a sports anchor on KSTW-TV, in Seattle. He later served as news reporter during the week. In addition to television work, Kenny also does game shows for ESPN and ABC.

Kenny Mayne has a net worth of $15 million. He has been in the television business for almost 20 years. He has become a household name. Mayne is a popular television host and sports reporter. He has won several awards and is widely respected for his dry sense of humor.

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