kendu isaacs net worth

Kendu Isaacs is a talented music producer and the president of an artist management company. He is currently working for the music label Matriarch Entertainment. His personal life isn’t as successful, but his music career is flourishing. He is very close to his parents and supports the black lives matter movement. He also enjoys traveling, especially deserts.

Isaacs was born in the United States on 14 August 1968. His parents are Martin and Barbara Isaacs. He is an American citizen and of mixed race. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 75 kg. He has brown eyes and a bald head. His net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Kendu Isaacs earned his net worth through his music career and other ventures. He first began his career in music production. He then went on to executive produce the 2013 drama film, ‘Betty and Coretta.’ While working in the music industry, Isaacs has made millions from his career as a music producer.

Isaacs is the ex-husband of Grammy award-winning singer Mary J. Blige. The pair got divorced in 2016, and he asked Mary for $30,000 per month in spousal support. His divorce has resulted in many questions about Isaacs’ net worth and assets. Isaacs has a daughter, Briana Latrise, with Mary J. Blige.

Kendu Isaacs’ net worth is an incredible amount for a music producer and celebrity manager. He has worked as a music producer and artist manager for several years, and worked as an executive producer at Matriarch Entertainment from 2008 to 2016. He has also worked as an executive producer on the TV show Betty and Coretta. Kendu has worked on a number of projects with Mary J Blige over the years, and he earned ten percent of her gross income while serving as her manager.

Isaacs was born in Manhattan, New York. His parents are Martin and Barbara Isaacs. He was very close to his mother when he was a child. He dedicates his work to his parents on his Instagram page. Isaacs is a divorced man and spousal support is provided by his ex-wife, Mary Blige. Their relationship began in 2000, and they got married on December 7, 2003.

Isaacs is also a father of three children. His first wife had two children with him, Jordan and Nas. Another teen-aged lover, Brianna, was raised by Kendu. She ran away from home when she was fifteen because of anger toward Mary and became a cocaine addict. Isaacs has no children with Mary.

Mary Isaacs has an estimated net worth of $20 million. She was married to Mary Blige for eight years, and the two were separated in June 2018. Kendu’s ex-wife was awarded $30,000 in temporary spousal support, but the two fought over spousal support. Mary was awarded half of the money Kendu received. Kendu filed an appeal for the full amount.

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