julio foolio net worth

Julio Foolio is a Florida-based rapper. He is a well-known star thanks to his hit songs, such as ‘Crooks’, which have over four million views on YouTube. He has also released mixtape projects and hot singles. His net worth is estimated to be around $500 thousand.

As an artist, Foolio makes the majority of his money through rapping. He is a very popular artist with millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube, as well as a number of other social media platforms. He also makes money from brand endorsements and sponsorships. His social media following is large enough to make him a good income even without a full-time job. His YouTube channel alone has over 450 thousand subscribers. This translates to an annual income of approximately $340 thousand.

As a child, Foolio had a difficult life in Jacksonville, Florida. He attended secondary school, but did not complete his education. In the ninth grade, he was shot in the leg. This made him fearful of becoming an easy target, and he dropped out of school. However, he made up for his lack of education later on by focusing on his music.

In 2018, Foolio released some of his best work, earning exclusive features on WSHH and YouTube. His personal YouTube channel has received over 8 million views. In July 2018, Foolio released his sixth mixtape, 6Toven. The mixtape included a track titled ‘Crooks.’ The song was a hit for Foolio, and the video gained more than four million views on YouTube. In addition, Foolio’s “Reach the Top” video received over four million views.

The rapper has yet to disclose his net worth. Though he has not publicly disclosed his income, his success as a rapper has enabled him to live a lavish lifestyle. His recent releases include Bibby Flow and Never Wanted Fame. While he is currently an independent artist, he hopes to sign with a major record label soon. As a result, his net worth is sure to rise.

Foolio is active on Instagram, where he broadcasts lifestyle content and promotes music and lip-syncing. His popularity on the social media site has helped him amass millions of followers. He also travels frequently. Ultimately, his net worth is estimated at $ 500 thousand.

In addition to performing on TV and in the music industry, Julio Foolio has a small net worth but has a large following on social media. He has been praised by fellow rapper Baby Soulja for his music and his social media presence. His social media posts include images of his luxurious lifestyle. He has also visited exotic places like Russia.

Born June 21, 1998, Foolio has been working as a rapper for a decade. His music videos and songs have earned him a fortune. However, his life has not been easy. As a child, Foolio lost many friends and family. After dropping out of school, he started rapping and became popular.

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