John Danaher Net Worth

John Danaher Net Worth

There are several sources that estimate John Danaher’s net worth. However, some sources are more conservative, claiming his net worth could grow to $500 million by 2021. John Danaher is a great BJJ coach who reshaped the no-gi grappling scene by inventing a control-based leg lock system. Danaher’s students have also found tremendous success with BJJ, including Gordon Ryan, arguably the GOAT of grappling. Born in Washington D.C. on April 2, 1967, John Danaher spent his early years studying philosophy in New Zealand. He later returned to the USA to pursue a PhD in epistemology at the University of Columbia in Manhattan.

Judge Danaher began his legal career teaching science and English at Fairfield University. He also served as a law clerk to T. Emmet Clarie and at the Hartford law firm Day, Berry & Howard. In 1986, he joined the United States Attorney’s Office. He was part of the investigation team that investigated the Los Macheteros gang, and he served as Assistant-in-Charge of the Hartford office from 1994 to April 2000. He went on to serve as United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut from May 2001 to 2002.

John Danaher’s biography tells his story and reveals his impressive net worth. Aside from being an Irish citizen, Danaher was born in Limerick, Ireland. His parents were stationed in the United States at the time of his birth, but they returned to New Zealand with their son. He spent his formative years in New Zealand, where he maintained dual citizenship. His net worth is $300,000.

Danaher’s eccentric side is well documented. He self-diagnosed as obsessive-compulsive JD, Danaher seldom leaves his jiu-jitsu rash guards in his closet. As Matt Serra once wrote, “It’s not uncommon for Danaher to wear a rash guard at a wedding. But when he’s not wearing his rashguard, he’s in the thick of a fight!”

In his early years, Danaher suffered a number of knee injuries and required multiple surgeries to repair his knee. During the 1980s, he underwent an injury that rendered his left knee immobile. Multiple surgeries he underwent resulted in artificially shortened ligaments that inhibit his left knee from moving properly. His unbalanced gait eventually led to severe osteoarthritis in his left hip. Ultimately, Danaher had to undergo hip replacement surgery.

While in the business world, Mr. Danaher is also a successful nogi grappler. In fact, he’s the pound-for-pound best nogi fighter in the world and an absolute ADCC champion. He has won numerous tournaments and seminars around the world, partnered with BJJ fanatics and has also produced numerous instructionals. His net worth is impressive and his earnings have increased dramatically in recent years.

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