jimmy sexton net worth

Jimmy Sexton net worth is quite impressive. This former baseball player is a well-known player agent. He has negotiated over $665 million in baseball contracts. His clients have included the St. Louis Cardinals, Oakland Athletics, Seattle Mariners, and Houston Astros. In addition to being a player agent, Jimmy Sexton is also a sports agent and represents players for the NFLPA.

According to some sources, Jimmy Sexton has a net worth of $1 million to $4 million dollars. He is 68 years old and resides in the United States. His height and weight are not known. He is still single, but it is unknown whether he has a significant other.

Jimmy Sexton was born on August 22, 1963, in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA. With his wealth, he has acquired many luxury properties. He is also known to spend millions of dollars on his family. His net worth is estimated to be around $10 million by 2022. His net worth is an incredible number, and he enjoys a lavish lifestyle.

After spending 10 years as an agent for NBA players, Sexton transitioned to representing NFL players and coaches. One of his first clients was the former Ole Miss coach Tommy Tuberville. The coach opted to hire Sexton because he liked his negotiation skills. As a result, Tuberville had an easy-to-leave clause, and he was able to join Auburn in 1999.

Sexton juggles his clients’ needs and his son’s activities. He’s been to three basketball games this week, and he was a regular presence at college and Pop Warner football games when his sons were growing up. His home is located in the suburbs of Memphis, where he shares an expansive property with Barrett Jones’ parents.

Jimmy Sexton has a net worth of between $5 million and $10 million. While this figure is not definitive, it is certainly a considerable amount. He earned most of his money through the Yeezy sneakers he sold. This was one of the largest celebrity cashouts of all time. In addition to Yeezy sneakers, Jimmy Sexton’s income comes from his role as an Activist.

Sexton is also a successful agent. His clients include C.J. Mosley, a linebacker with the New York Jets. In addition, his firm represents Andrew Norwell, a guard with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Combined, they bring in over $275 million in player contracts and commissions.

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