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Jesco White has an estimated net worth of $4 million. He is an American actor and dancer who was featured in the film Dancing Outlaw. He has been married to Norma Jean White since 1974, who passed away in 2009. He later married actress Alida Darvill. His personal life is somewhat turbulent. He was once involved in a divorce from his first wife, Norma Jean, and split up with her in 2009 for reasons that are unknown to him. White has also appeared in the film Loser.

In addition to performing in film projects, White has also appeared in three documentaries. One of these films, titled “Dancing Outlaw,” was directed by Jacob Young, and it featured Jesco White in West Virginia. During the filming of this film, Young traveled to Boone County to film White’s story. The filmmakers aimed to highlight the charismatic madmen and unsung geniuses of Appalachia. In addition to capturing White’s unique talent, White also portrayed the poverty that he faced growing up in rural Appalachia.

Jesco White’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million to $6 million. He has earned money through acting, music, and a successful career as a voice actor. According to Forbes, White has appeared in several television shows, music videos, and documentaries, and has also contributed to several motion pictures and video games.

Although Jesco White’s net worth is estimated, it is likely to increase in the next few years. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact amount of his net worth, since he hasn’t revealed the size of his business or how much money he earns from his acting and dancing. However, his net worth is impressive compared to other actors and singers.

As of 2017, White’s net worth is estimated at $1-5 million. Jesco White is 63 years old, and has a hefty net worth. He is the richest Dancer in WV. He is currently married. His bio does not reveal his marital status. His net worth is estimated to increase by at least another $1 million over the next few years.

Jesco White’s height is five feet six inches. His features are striking. He has black hair and green eyes. He has an athletic body and a healthy weight. However, he has not disclosed detailed statistics about his body measurements. The actor has also been married to two women, Norma Jean White and Alida White.

Jesco White’s net worth is estimated to be around $40 million. He is one of the highest-paid actors in the world. He has made numerous appearances in various genres. His most recent movie role was in Logan Lucky in 2017. During the last two years, he has appeared in 5 feature films.

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