Jenny Slatten Net Worth

Jenny Slatten Net Worth

In a nutshell, Jenny Slatten has a net worth of $4 million. She is a former actress who rose to fame as a Day Life partner and subsequently became a household name. Born in the United States, she now resides in Palm Springs. She has not revealed any details about her childhood or family. Her nationality is white. Jenny Slatten’s net worth is estimated to have increased significantly over the last decade.

She is still single, though her net worth remains relatively stable compared to that of other television personalities. She lives off her TLC paycheck of about $1000 to $1500 per episode. The reality television star is 33 years old and stands at five feet seven inches. Her parents are supportive and loving. Jenny Slatten net worth is a little over $150 thousand. In addition to her TV career, she is also a mother and has three daughters.

Jenny Slatten has three children from two previous marriages. She met Sumit on the multi-Day Life website and the couple has since been dating for three years. Her husband has a wife and two daughters. As of 2018, Jenny Slatten has been dating television personality Sumit Singh, who is 33 years her senior. The couple is currently living in India. Their net worth is unknown.

The average salary of Jenny Slatten is around $70,000. She is an unscripted television personality and a contestant on the reality show 90 Day Fiance. Despite her lackluster appearance, she is a successful actress and a popular multi-day life partner. Jenny Slatten net worth is estimated to be in the five-digit range. There is no official Wikipedia page dedicated to the actress, but her bio can be found online.

Jenny Slatten is a 62-year-old American national. She is the mother of Christina Slatten. She met Sumit Singh on Facebook more than a decade ago. She met him as an Indian man masquerading as Michael Jones. After their love-making, they married. The two met in person in 2013 on a tourist visa. Their love story has since gone viral.

The second trip to India led to a split in the relationship. After moving from the United States to India, Jenny met Sumit Singh. Jenny later discovered that the man she was dating was married. She confronted his family, but it was not too late to split. He eventually split from his wife, but their relationship remained a secret. Jenny slatten net worth continues to grow.

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