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Jemeker Thompson was born in South Central Los Angeles and grew up in a poor, unstable environment. While growing up, she was surrounded by drugs and was often evicted from her home. As a result, she was determined to find a different path and raise money for her family. Thankfully, she has a large net worth now.

Jemeker Thompson was arrested at an early age for drug-dealing and spent 15 years in jail. However, after converting to Christianity, Thompson found a calling in music and has been working with celebrities, including Barack Obama. His net worth is $10 million and is expected to grow even more.

While a successful businessman and author, Thompson’s net worth comes from his two different sources of income. The first is from his drug dealings, and the second is from his writing. He has also made money through the publishing of several novels. In addition to these two sources of income, Jemeker has earned an additional $5 million from his writing.

Jemeker Thompson’s background is very interesting. She was raised by a single mother with five other siblings. She worked hard to make money, and her family eventually bought a house in Encino. The couple had a son in 1982. Then, in 1984, her husband was murdered in a parking lot. In the years afterward, Thompson married Champ Hairston, a businessman who was also a drug dealer.

Thompson is currently 55 years old, and has a son named Anthony. Despite her high net worth, she has a troubled past. In the 1990s, she was jailed for selling crack cocaine. After serving her time, she turned to Christianity. During this period, she began to consider her past.

Jemeker Thompson’s drug business began when she was just a teenager. She became a drug dealer after her father died in 1980. Later, she married a drug dealer and opened a beauty shop in Encino, California. The two eventually married and had a son named Anthony. She eventually built up a significant net worth by continuing her criminal career. The drug trade was the source of much of her wealth.

Thomrdzon’s personal life is just as complicated. She married a boufriend who was a drug dealer while in high school. He was eventually kisked out of their arartment. However, he was able to get a lesser sentence when he revealed his source of income.

Thompson’s personal life is also secretive. She married a high school friend and later, they expanded their cocaine business in Los Angeles. She and Daff also had a son together, Anthony. They later expanded their business into crack cocaine. After the death of her lover, Thompson went on to sell his hair to stars. He also held hair shows to show off his products.

Thompson is born in 1966. She has five siblings and lives in South Los Angeles. Her father died when she was only eight. Her parents left her no housing, and she had to work as a street drug dealer to support her siblings. She has since built up a thriving business and a good net worth.

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