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Jeffrey Parker’s net worth is not yet known. He was a former commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Transportation and served as the commissioner for two years. He then became the vice president of HNTB and served in that position for seven years. After his time at HNTB, he was appointed as the CEO and general manager of MARTA in March 2018. He was recently named the Man of the Year by the Atlanta chapter of the Women’s Transportation Seminar.

His net worth is estimated at $150 million. He has accumulated wealth through his various roles, including CEO of MARTA. He studied at the Georgia Institute of Technology and later became the general manager and CEO of the transit system. He was also instrumental in getting a 10-year sales tax extension for member jurisdictions.

Parker’s net worth is estimated to have grown in recent years. Earlier, he worked as a deputy commissioner for transportation for the City of Atlanta. He collaborated with other city departments to increase Atlanta’s mobility. His salary was $337k per year in 2017, but it will increase further thanks to his new contract.

While it is not possible to calculate Jeff Parker’s net worth with any specific methodology, it is reasonable to estimate his net worth by analyzing his salary and other sources of income. He was also named as one of Atlanta Magazine’s “Most Powerful People of 2020.”

Jeffrey Parker’s personal and professional achievements are impressive. He earned a fortune by bringing positive change to the city’s transit system. In addition to this, he also made several important decisions to improve the lives of commuters and improve overall safety. His MBTA work has earned him a huge fortune.

While Jeffrey Parker’s true age remains unknown, he has spent the last twenty years in the transportation industry. His education includes studying Computer Science at Northeastern University. In 1985, while he was still studying at the University, he began working for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. He worked for the MBTA for over 20 years, and his work included project management, safety, and system reliability.

The net worth of Jeffrey Parker was estimated to be $1 million at the time of his death, which was the result of a suicide on January 14, 2022. Jeffrey Parker’s salary amounted to $366,575 per year. He also had an additional contract with the MARTA in 2020, which would have expired in 2026.

Jeffrey Parker was born on July 17, 1957 in Sycamore, Ohio. He later earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a master’s degree in Public Administration from Mercer University. His salary was around $366,575 per year in 2020-2021. After graduating from college, he worked at General Foods Corporation and Sara Lee Foster Farms.

His career has been a success in many ways. He served as a commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Transportation for two years and served as vice president of HNTB for seven years. He was also named to the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Power 100 list. These achievements have contributed to his net worth.

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