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As the face of the reality show Real Housewives of Orange County, James Bergener’s net worth is huge. Despite being a young man, Bergener has already achieved success. His marriage to Noella Bergener resulted in two kids. Their son James Jr. is a talented singer who made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Besides his wife Noella, Bergener also has a daughter named Coco from a previous relationship.

James Bergener has a net worth of $5.5 million. His tax debts are estimated to be around six million dollars, which he has not paid yet. His divorce from Noella Bergener, his wife of half a year, is one of the reasons behind his huge net worth. Bergener was born in California and attended the finest high schools in the country. Despite his impressive financial status, he has been divorced three times.

Despite being divorced, James Bergener’s love life is as interesting as his career. He is married to Noella Bergener, the first black housewife on “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” He has a daughter named Coco and a son named James Jr. with Autism disease. His net worth is impressive and he is working to become a multi-millionaire in the legal industry.

The average American lawyer earns between $100-150 thousand per year. James Bergener’s salary is between $100 and $150 thousand a year. Noella Bergener, his wife, is worth about $500 thousand. Noella Bergener is paid $63 thousand per episode on the show. Noella Bergener’s total net worth is estimated at $500,000; she will be earning around $65 thousand per episode on the 16th season of “Real Housewives of Orange County”.

James Bergener is a White American lawyer who was born on July 17, 1971. He has not disclosed his parents or his zodiac sign. His full name is James Alexander Hurts. His personal information is not available. He is a member of the American Bar Association and a partner at the Bergener Law Firm. However, his net worth is estimated to increase as he continues to grow in his career.

James Bergener is a founder of the Bergener Firm, one of the most prestigious personal injury litigation firms in the country. The firm works to make sure its clients recover from their injuries and receive the maximum compensation they are owed. His wife, Noella Bergener, is a reality TV star and earns about $1 million a year. James and Noella Bergener are both attorneys and have impressive net worths, but Noella is the younger Bergner.

James Bergener’s net worth is estimated at $16 million. His ex-wife, Noella, has a net worth of $14 million. They have two children together. Noella’s ex-husband filed for divorce, and James Bergener had to move in with her. Their son Shannon is named after Sweet James, a former RHOC star. Their divorce is still unfinalized.

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