isaiah saldivar net worth

Isaiah Saldivar is a charismatic pastor who is also known for claiming that up to 60% of the church is not saved. He is married and has two children. His net worth is not publicly available. He has a podcast that is in the top one percent of podcasts worldwide. In addition to that, he uploads videos to his YouTube channel, which has about 350k subscribers.

The income he earns from YouTube videos is a large part of his net worth. He has nearly $2 million in YouTube revenue. In addition to YouTube advertisements and video promotions, Isaiah Saldivar also receives a large amount of income from posting his sermons. His YouTube channel has over four hundred and thirty four thousand subscribers and nearly one million views, making his videos popular with viewers.

Isaiah was born on 12th March 1988. He was raised by loving parents, though his parents’ details are still under review. He holds an American citizenship and is of white ethnicity. He grew up in a Christian family, and is a proud father of four daughters.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Isaiah has a successful sermon series called Revival Lifestyle. This podcast is aimed at preaching the gospel through a Christian perspective. He shares the truth about Christian life with his viewers. Isaiah began posting sermons on his YouTube channel on October 6, 2011. He has over 328 K subscribers and over thirty million views.

The Saldivars are Mexican immigrants who were living in Texas. They adopted three children from the United States and he and Yolanda have a net worth of $4 million. The Saldivars were also involved in the murder of Yolanda, who was murdered in 1995.

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