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The net worth of Mexican boxer Isaac Cruz is expected to rise to $1-$2 million by 2021. Born in Mexico, Isaac was raised by a single mother and earned a professional boxing record of 19-1-1. He will next fight for the WBA (Regular) lightweight title against Gervonta Davis in December 2021. Although no information is publicly available regarding his earnings outside of the ring, he has been spotted posting pictures of his luxurious cars on social media sites.

The two-fight card will be held in Los Angeles. Davis will receive a $300k guaranteed purse. Cruz will earn an additional $400k based on pay-per-view sales points. The bout will take place at the Staple Center in Los Angeles. The fights are scheduled for December 5, 2021.

The couple has two children. Isaac is married to Raquel. His net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. He is also a father of a beautiful son named Isaac. He maintains a private life with his wife and children. His religious beliefs are not publicized but his father is a pastor and supports Christian organizations.

His parents are both wealthy. His father has a net worth of $5 million and his mother is a teacher. Their children are also well-off. The family lives in York City. The net worth of Isaac Cruz is likely to increase as he makes more money in boxing.

He has been a professional boxer since 2015, earning most of his net worth from boxing. However, his net worth has grown considerably in the last two decades. His net worth has increased by threefold since his childhood. However, he has yet to meet a major star or enter a multi-million-dollar fight. Therefore, the report cannot be considered reliable.

Although Isaac has never fought for the world championship, he has fought 24 times and won 22 bouts. His best fights were against Francisco Vargas on 19 June 2021 and Rolando Romero on 5 December 2021. His parents and other professional details are not publicly known. He has no siblings. The family has not disclosed many details about his personal life as he wants to keep it private.

Isaac Cruz has a net worth of about $7 million. The actor received a salary of $950 thousand. His net worth is likely to grow more after his upcoming fight against Davis. He also owns several luxury cars. Although he has not yet won a world title, his boxing career has earned him a huge net worth.

Cruz’s net worth has grown rapidly in the last few years. He is now a respected and successful professional athlete. He has fought many high profile fights since becoming a professional boxer. He made a huge splash in the UFC and has continued to rise in popularity. However, his best fight to date was a 12-round fight against Amir Khan in “The Octagon”.

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