hector camacho net worth

Hector Camacho is a Puerto Rican Boxer who achieved a lot of success. He has a net worth of about one hundred thousand dollars as of November 2012. It is not clear how much of his net worth is in assets, but he is reportedly worth a lot of money.

Hector Camacho was born on May 24, 1962 in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. He was a septuple champion and was one of the few boxers to ever achieve this feat. In addition to fighting against Oscar de la Hoya and Vinny Pazienza, he also fought several other well-known boxers. Sadly, Hector passed away on November 24, 2012 after suffering a brain death.

Hector Macho Camacho had a troubled teenage life that revolved around his boxing career. He won many championships and was known for his flashy style in the ring. He was also a singer but had trouble with substance abuse. Despite his success in the ring, he faced many legal problems, including a charge of physical abuse of his son.

Despite his troubled past, Macho Camacho’s net worth is based on his career as a boxer. His earnings from boxing have been estimated at between one million and two million dollars. His net worth has increased significantly in the past several years. Although his reputation as a boxer is somewhat tarnished, he is still popular with fans.

Camacho was the first septuple boxing champion in history. His 30-year career saw him earn many championships, including the WBC Super Featherweight, Lightweight, and Junior Welterweight. He also competed for the WBC welterweight championship against Oscar De La Hoya in 1986, but lost by decision.

Camacho was a professional boxer and was well-known in the United States. He was also a TV personality and an author. His net worth is estimated at around $15 million. He had three children with Amy Torres. He also wrote the comic book “Macho Dad” about his father.

Roberto Duran is another boxer whose net worth is around $3 million. He was born in El Chorillo, Panama, and turned professional at the age of 16. He has a 43-12-1 record. Laing was born in Jamaica in 1954. He fought Duran in 1982.

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