haralabos voulgaris net worth

As an extremely successful poker player, Haralabos Voulgaris’ net worth is a lot higher than you might think. He’s never been married, but he was engaged to a woman at one point. While this isn’t the case anymore, he’s still been quite private about his personal life. Haralabos is currently single and lives a modest lifestyle.

Haralabos Bob Voulgaris’ net worth has grown from his successful betting record. He started as a high-stakes poker player and expanded into sports betting, eventually winning millions of dollars. However, despite being considered one of the world’s most successful sports bettors, Voulgaris does not disclose his financial status publicly.

Although his net worth is not public, it still represents a considerable sum of money. Voulgaris earns more than $10k a year from his NBA betting business and has over three thousand Instagram followers. His net worth is projected to reach $2 million by 2022. He also has a large house in the United States and a home in Canada. He pays $12,500 per month for housing, and he owns a large collection of impressive cars.

While his net worth is quite large, the life of a gambler is not always easy. He has been involved in numerous high-stakes poker tournaments around the world. Although he has not won any of these tournaments, he has made a decent living from it. Despite being successful in the gambling world, he’s also a humble person.

Voulgaris has won over $3 million in live tournaments. His winnings are spread over fourteen years and 19 different competitions. He’s also a very skilled poker player, and his winnings have increased significantly over the years. He’s even appeared on PokerGO and Poker After Dark.

While he’s a good player, he has also found time to make his fortune betting on basketball. In fact, he’s made nearly $3 million in NBA betting alone. While this might not be a lot, it is still a substantial sum. And as a successful gambler, he’s earned millions of dollars from playing poker. For example, he’s been paid $1158,883 in the WSOP One Drop Event.

Voulgaris is currently employed by the Dallas Mavericks as a director of quantitative research for the team. Previously, he worked for another NBA team. He joined the Mavericks last year. He believes his studies will help him form a better team.

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