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Grace Lee Whitney is an American actress and singer who was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She gained fame for her role as Janice Rand in the television series Star Trek. Before getting a role in the series, she performed in various films and TV shows. Her early films include Mystery Range (1947), and Some Like It Hot (1963). In the 1960s, Whitney played a minor role in the film The Naked and the Dead. Grace Lee Whitney was also a writer. Her novel The Longest Trek: My Tour of the Galaxy, was published in 1970.

She was married twice, first to Sydney Stevan Dweck from 1954 to 60 and then to Jack Dale from 1970 to 1991. She was also a public health advocate, working with countless people to fight addiction and other issues. She died in May 2015 of natural causes. Her net worth was estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

In addition to her career as an actress and singer, Grace Lee Whitney also worked as a singer. Her net worth has grown in recent years. In 2012, she was estimated to have a net worth of $2 million. She starred in more than 100 television shows and 15 films. Her net worth will most likely increase in the coming years. Grace Lee Whitney is an Actress who was born in 1930. She has several other roles, including a role as Janice Rand in “Star Trek.”

Grace Lee Whitney was born on April 1, 1930, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She became a singer and actress when she was a young child. In her teens, she began writing songs and performed on stage in school plays. In her later years, Whitney worked to perfect her vocal talents. She also played in theatres and participated in many musicals and plays.

After her debut in Star Trek, Whitney starred in several movies and TV series. Her roles included The Bold Ones, Cannon, and Hart to Hart. She reprised her role as Janice Rand in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. She also appeared in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, and the sixth film, Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country. Her recent projects have included two web-only episodes of the series.

Grace Lee Whitney’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million dollars. She will be 83 years old in 2022. Her net worth is likely to continue increasing as she continues to appear in more movies and television shows. Grace Lee Whitney’s net worth is also a result of her acting career. The actress has made millions of dollars in the movies and television industry. The actress landed a role in the 1962 musical “Best Banana” and played Miss Holland. In 1953, she made her first television appearance in “Cowboy G-Guys.” She also appeared as an uncredited celebrity in several movies.

After her debut on Broadway, Whitney had several notable television roles. After her role in The Roaring Twenties, she appeared in Gunsmoke, The Virginian, and Wagon Train. She also appeared in the television series Bewitched.

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