galip ozturk net worth

Galip Ozturk has an impressive net worth and is a successful businessman. He founded his construction company in the United States in 1997 and has since grown it to be one of the largest construction companies in Texas. He is also a philanthropist who has donated millions to charities.

Galip Ozturk’s family was Turkish. His grandfather had settled in the Carsamba region, which remained in Turkish territory after the Russian advance in 1916. The family later moved to Istanbul, where Galip was born and raised by his father. At age 13, he moved to Istanbul and opened a small tea shop near the topkapi bus station.

In addition to his two children with Kristina Ozturk, Galip has two other children from previous relationships. He also fathered one biological child from his first relationship with Batumi Mama. Eventually, he and Kristina decided to expand their family exponentially, with 21 children born through surrogate. Kristina also has one daughter from her previous relationship. His net worth is estimated between $50 million and $100 million.

Galip Ozturk has invested $500 million in Georgia. He also owns Metro Holding, which has $500 million worth of investments. Ozturk was once sentenced to a life prison sentence for soliciting murder in Turkey, but he managed to escape by leveraging his power. While his net worth remains unaffected, his reputation is not. Aside from being accused of sexual assault, he is also the owner of a famous Georgian travel company that has a reputation for multiple sexual assault cases.

After his trial, Galip Ozturk left Turkey and fled to Georgia. His trial took place on 5 July 2003, but his trial was cancelled after he was released. In 2005, he added Van Et to his group. In early 2009, he sold Metro Turizm to Van Et. The company was later opened for public investment. In April 2009, the Competition Board of Turkey approved the purchase of Metro Turizm’s shares.

Galip Ozturk is married to Christina Ozturk, a young Russian woman. Together, they have eleven children. Christina’s first child was named Vika, but she is not Galip’s biological child. Her most recent addition is proxy child Olivia, but her biography is not yet available on Wikipedia.

Ozturk plan to have 105 children. Their oldest biological child is seven months old, while their youngest is eight. They also plan to conceive 105 surrogates to have more children. The couple recently revealed they’ve already spent PS138,000 for surrogacy.

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