Erin French Net Worth

Erin French Net Worth – What You May Not Know About This Chef and Restauranteur

If you are wondering how much money Erin French has, read on. This chef and restaurateur is worth $1.5 million. She is known for her wildly popular recipe books, pop-up restaurants, and her involvement in the restaurant business. You’ll also be interested to learn about her net worth and the contributions she has made to the world of food. Here are some of the things you may not know about her. But these facts will make you aware of some of her most significant contributions to the food industry.

Erin French’s net worth has been increasing rapidly. Her television show, “The Lost Kitchen”, premiered on Discovery+ on 3 January 2021, with six episodes. She plans to release the second season on 22 October 2022. Erin French married Michael Dutton in August 2018. He is a senior director at IMG Media. French was previously married to Todd French. She divorced him in 2007 and later lost custody of her only child.

As a journalist, Erin French’s net worth remains largely unknown, but it’s believed that she has a net income of $1 million to $5 million. Her maiden name is Richardson and her father is still alive. She has appeared on numerous magazine covers, and is 5’8” tall. French’s net worth is not known for certain, but her father’s name is listed as “Richardson”.

French has earned millions of dollars through her television show, Discovery+’s “The Lost Kitchen.” She also owns a restaurant in Maine called “The Lost Kitchen,” which was named the world’s best restaurant in 2013. Her cookbook, The Found Kitchen Recipes, is a bestseller, with over 20,000 meals sold a year. Her other sources of income include the sale of her recipes. And her thriving restaurant is booked year-round.

In addition to her TV show, French is also a business developer and chef. She married her long-term partner, Michael French, on August 24, 2018. The couple has a 10-year-old daughter. They are also parents to two sons and a son-in-law. Her two children have the same passion for gourmet food as her mother, which is reflected in her success. In addition to her television shows, French is an active social media user. She has over 2K followers on Twitter.

After obtaining her medical degree, French relocated to California, where she was pregnant. The pregnancy triggered a disastrous marriage, which forced her to leave her studies. Her ex-boyfriend didn’t support her, and she was forced to make difficult decisions. As a result, she fell into depression and began taking pills to treat her pain. Eventually, her mother sent her to rehab in Chicago where she began to develop a successful restaurant called “The Lost Kitchen”. She continues to work as a chef, even though her time is limited.

As an entrepreneur, French has been active on several social media platforms, but she’s been secretly divorced from her husband, who re-opened it after she went to rehab for prescription drug addiction. French’s relationship with Dutton deteriorated as her star soared. She began to take prescription pills to cope with her depression and anxiety. French has also been active on social media and hopes to keep her son with her.

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