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Eric Snow is an American basketball player. He was drafted into the NBA in 1995. In the same year, he was traded to the Seattle SuperSonics and played sparingly for the team for two and a half seasons. Eric is of Black ethnicity and has Black political and religious views.

Eric Snow was born on April 24, 1973, making him 49 years old. He is currently living in Los Angeles, California. His net worth has been reported to be $20 million. His wealth has increased dramatically over the years due to his long career as an NBA player. As a basketball player, Snow has won three consecutive Most Valuable Player Awards.

Snow is also a coach. Currently, he works as an analyst for NBA TV. In his career, he played for the Seattle SuperSonics, Philadelphia 76ers, and Cleveland Cavaliers. His success as a player led to numerous awards including the NBA Sportsmanship Award and the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award. Despite these accolades, Eric Snow’s NBA career was not always a smooth one. His free throw shooting was poor during his college and early NBA career. Despite his poor free-throw shooting, he averaged 6.6 points per game and 1.6 assists per game.

Despite his relatively young age, Eric Snow has a massive net worth. His career as an NBA player has earned him a net worth of $20 million. In addition to playing professionally, Eric Snow is also a popular NBA-TV commentator. His net worth is impressive considering that he was a star in the NBA for more than a decade.

Eric Snow’s net worth is estimated to be at least $20 million as of 2020. He earned his fortune through his professional basketball career, earning $5 million in salary as a pro. He now lives in Texas with his wife. He and his wife have three children. Eric Snow’s net worth is growing steadily and he is now one of the wealthiest athletes in the country.

Eric Snow is married to DeShawn Snow. He had three sons with her. They have a happy and successful marriage. They recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in Atlanta. The ceremony was extravagant and took almost a year to plan. Eric Snow is a retired NBA player.

Eric Snow has spent much of his career in the NBA. During his playing career, he was a renowned point guard. He played for four different teams and reached the NBA Finals three times. He was also named to the NBA’s All-Defensive Second Team in 2003. He currently serves as an assistant coach to the NBA G League’s Texas Legends.

Eric Snow’s career began when he was a student at Michigan State University. In his first year, he was the school’s MVP. He played varsity basketball under Jud Heathcote at Michigan State University. He helped the Spartans to become the third seed in the 1995 NCAA Tournament. After graduating, Snow was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks with the 43rd overall pick in the NBA draft. After two seasons, he played sparingly for the Seattle SuperSonics.

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