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As of mid-2016, Dwight Gooden is estimated to have a net worth of over $500 thousand dollars. Despite his lengthy career as a professional baseball player, his wealth is mainly derived from his income in the sports industry. Apart from his salary, he also makes a tidy sum from the sales of his autobiographical books. To give you a better idea of the amount of money Gooden has amassed, let us first take a look at his personal life.

Dwight Gooden’s net worth is a sum of his earnings as a baseball player and as a producer. He won the World Series three times in the 1980s, the first with the New York Mets, followed by two more with the Yankees in 1996 and 2000. His net worth has steadily grown throughout his career despite his tumultuous life. As a former baseball player, Gooden earned millions by starring in movies, television series, and even video games.

Gooden made a modest fortune while playing in the Major Leagues, but his personal life made him a subject of controversy. His controversial past was documented in his autobiography, Heat. In addition to his controversies, he was also convicted of assaulting a police officer, was banned from alcohol for a year, and was sent to rehab for substance abuse. Gooden also admitted to drinking and driving while he was in rehab.

Dwight Gooden has had numerous relationships with different women throughout his career. In the past, he married Monica Harris in 1987 and divorced her in 2004. In addition to Monica Harris, he was married to Monique Moore in 2009 and has four children. Currently, he is single and has no significant relationships. This means that his net worth is largely dependent on his career and not his personal relationships.

Gooden began his professional career in the minor leagues. He was selected as a fifth overall pick in the 1982 MLB Draft and joined the Mets in 1984 after spending a season in the minors. While he was dominating for the Lynchburg Mets, he suffered from a drug addiction and ended up with a high net worth. Gooden was awarded a Triple Crown in 1992 and was named the youngest Cy Young Award in history. However, despite his high net worth, he remained committed to his drug addiction and has struggled with alcohol and other substance abuse.

In addition to his acting career, Gooden also authored a book in 1999 titled “Heat”, which documents his struggles with alcohol and drugs. The sales of this book contributed to Gooden’s net worth. Dwight Gooden is married to Monique Moore. He previously married Monica Harris in 1987. They have two children together. Dwight Gooden is worth at least $50 million, based on reports.

However, this wealth doesn’t include his personal life. While Gooden earned more than $35 million during his professional career, his addiction to alcohol and drugs caused him to lose a great deal of his wealth. In 2003, he was ordered to pay his ex-wife $13,600 per month, a staggering amount that far exceeded his personal income. Gooden also claimed that his sole source of income was his $100,000 salary as assistant to Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.

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