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The net worth of DJ Self is estimated to be $3 million. His net worth is largely derived from his business ventures and his DJ career. However, the story is not quite as simple as that. Self is also a single parent with a daughter named Yorma. He has been dating Yorma for a year. The two met at a strip club. Self was eager to help Cardi B in her music career but ended up being unprofessional and letting their personal relationship ruin their business relationship. The rapper has since moved on and is no longer working with DJ Self.

DJ Self has been involved in the music industry for over two decades. He has also appeared on a number of television shows. His popularity has paved the way for other hip hop artists and has helped revolutionize the club charts industry. Although he has not won any major awards, his success has been impressive.

Currently, DJ Self is a popular DJ in the New York club scene. He also owns Gwinn Entertainment, a production company that includes the artists DreamDoll, Mariahlynn, and Major Galore. He has a daughter named Kayla with actress Regina Gamboa. His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million by 2020.

DJ Self’s estimated net worth is estimated to be $5 million by 2021. The musician’s net worth is mostly derived from his music career and shows. He has performed in many countries and appeared on several shows. His family is of Nigerian descent. The musician also has an estimated social media following of 813k.

DJ Self has worked at several radio stations and has released a number of mixtapes. He will be thirty-six years old in 2022. As he continues to work in the music industry, his net worth is expected to rise. In 2022, DJ Self is expected to have a net worth of $3 million.

The musician and dj Self earned his net worth after a number of successful ventures. He is a true success in the music industry. His net worth has increased over the years. In addition to his music career, Self has ventured into entertainment and clothing. His net worth is growing as he continues to work in the music industry and promote hip-hop artists.

DJ Self is an American radio personality. He was born in Nigeria and has American citizenship. His mother is of Nigerian decent. He became a successful musician when he was only a teenager. He has also been featured in a TV reality show called ‘Love & Hip Hop’.

In addition to his music career, DJ Self has collaborated with many artists, releasing a personal mixtape called Growing My Business. As a result, he has created a solid yet creative system for himself and others. His mixtapes feature his own songs and features tracks from Kazzie and Rick Ross.

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